Ctrl+Alt+Delete sells out at Clarence Brown Theatre

The play, Ctrl+Alt+Delete, is currently in production at UTK’s Clarence Brown Lab Theatre. The production began on Thursday, Oct. 24, and will continue until Sunday, Nov. 10.

The play is about a technological mastermind, Eddie Fisker, that creates a hand held device that changes the present ways of communication. The production takes the audience through the main character’s journey of battling scheming, manipulation and hardships throughout the corporate world. Terry Silver-Alford, a UTK Theatre faculty member and Musical Theatre Performance lecturer, is directing the play.

Robin Conklin, the Marketing and Communications Director for UTK’s Theatre Department said, “the production is extremely popular. Many of the shows are sold out. However, we do have wait-lists available and are very successful in terms of getting everyone in the theatre.”

Student tickets are $5 with UT ID, n0n-student tickets are $12 and adult tickets are $15. Several upcoming performances have already sold out.

For more information or to purchase tickets, please contact the box office at 865-974-5161 or visit online at clarencebrowntheatre.com.

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UT hosts fashion show featuring Victoria Secret PINK, Rent the Runway

P.O.S.E. model wearing a dress from Rent the Runway. Photo by Diana Barton
P.O.S.E. model wearing a dress from Rent the Runway.
Diana Barton/ TNJN

UT held its very own fashion show Monday night presented by Rent the Runway, Victoria Secret PINK and P.O.S.E .modeling group.

The event kicked off at 7:30 p.m. with a pre-show mixer  which was held with booths from different companies in Knoxville including representatives from Crowne Apartments, Fusion Tanning and Truffles Accessories, as well as eyebrow waxing by European Wax Center, beauty giveaways from Rent the Runway and a table filled with cupcakes from The Cup. At the mixer, attendees could pick up a raffle ticket for a number of prizes to be given away at the end of the show.

Lauren Poole, a campus representative for Rent the Runway was giving out raffle tickets at the entrance of the mixer.

“We’re trying to get our name out there about Rent the Runway and make people aware,” Poole said. “It’s just a fun thing to do.”

European Waxing Center provided complimetary eyebrow waxing for pre-show mixer attendees.
Diana Barton/ TNJN

The show, titled “From Street to Chic,” stayed true to the name by showing a variety of clothing from loungewear and activewear to semi-formal dresses. Featuring models from the on-campus modeling group, P.O.S.E., a runway-style show was held in the UC Auditorium as girls walked down the aisles towards the stage. Like a true fashion show, photographers’ flashes lit up the models as they made their way towards the stage.

The show began with Victoria Secret PINK pieces featuring rhinestone-studded sports bras and bright neon comfy tees. Rent the Runway pieces followed showcasing dresses and outfits that can be worn for any occasion from interviews to formals.  The show concluded with all of the models coming back out for an encore. Afterwards, raffle prizes were given out  including free haircuts, gift cards, clothes and even a professional photo shoot.

Models lined up at the end of the show for an encore.  Photo by Diana Barton
Models lined up at the end of the show for an encore.
Diana Barton/ TNJN


Want to be the first to know about more events put on by Rent the Runway? Follow them on twitter @utkRTR2013.


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9/11 survivor to speak at Knoxville breakfast

Michael Hingson with his guide dog that helped him lead many out of World Trade Center One.
Michael Hingson and his guide dog  helped lead many out of World Trade Center’s Tower One.

Micheal Hingson, a Sept. 11 survivor, will be speaking at the Crowne Plaza hotel in Knoxville during an 8 a.m. Disability Employment Awareness Breakfast on Wednesday, Oct. 30. 

He is visiting Knoxville in honor of the National Disability Employment Awareness Month and will be sharing his personal experiences and life lessons.

One of the questions Michael likes to ask himself during every speech he gives is “Who would have ever thought?” Hingson has been blind since birth and, after surviving the initial impact, led a group of peers out of World Trade Center One with the help of his guide dog only minutes before it collapsed. This American hero is now an international speaker and New York Times Best Selling Author.

Michael’s 2011 New York Times Best Seller, THUNDERDOG:The True Story of a Blind Man, His Guide Dog, and the Triumph of Trust at Ground Zero, gives an inside perspective at a how the bond of a man and his guide dog brought hope to many on such a tragic day.

The breakfast is sponsored in partnership by a number of organizations including the University of Tennessee, the Knoxville Center for Literacy, Education, and Employment, the Knoxville Area Employment Consortium, the City of Knoxville,  the Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development and the Tennessee Division of Rehabilitation Services.




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