Hannah Hunnicutt

Discussion offers different perspectives on women, politics

A roundtable was held at the Howard Baker Center Auditorium on Thursday, April 10, discussing women in politics. Guest speakers included Knoxville Mayor Madeline Rogero, Melanie Hughes (University of Pittsburgh), Tracy Osborn (University of Iowa), Jana Morgan (UTK), Leslie Schwindt-Bayer (Rice University), and Sarah Fulton (Texas A&M), all discussing reasons why women are just now starting to rise in politics. One reason used by almost every speaker was because women are more risk-averse, thus the women encourages all who are interested in politics to get involved now.

Doctor speaks about conflict, humanitarian crisis in Syria

On Wednesday, April 9, MESA hosted the event, “Syria: The Forgotten Revolution,” where guest speaker Dr. Jaber Hassan spoke about what he has seen in his visits over the past three years. Growing up in Syria, Dr. Hassan compared the Syria he knew then, and the Syria he can’t believe now, impounding the importance of the humanitarian crisis in Syria. Daniel Sakaan–UT junior and MESA officer–hopes that by spreading the word of this increasing humanitarian crisis, it may someday soon come to an end.

FaithMarks exhibit showcases tattoos, spirtuality at Wesley Foundation

Currently held at the Wesley Foundation, co-curator Anna Golladay has brought multiple pieces from FaithMarks’ gallery for students to come see. The exhibit will be at the Wesley Foundation for roughly a week, according to Golladay, Golladay says that FaithMarks brings to life the representation of spirituality through body art. Christianity is not the only tattoo art displayed through FaithMarks, so Golladay welcomes anyone who has any form of spiritual tattoo art to submit a photo to the FaithMarks website.

UT professor, graduate student teach music to Haitian students

Over Spring Break, associate professor Hillary Herndon and graduate student Emily Zaita went to Cange, Haiti, to teach children how to play music. The trip was based on the Holy Trinity Church summer music program, in which volunteers go to Cange and bring donated instruments to the children to teach over the summer. Herndon and Zaita decided to bring that joy to the children during the spring, and were overwhelmed with joy and astonishment by how much the students appreciated the art in music.

UT hosts district competition for National History Day

The East Tennessee Historical Society and UT’s Department of History teamed up to sponsor National History Day, the district competition between middle and high school students all across the East Tennessee area for a chance to advance to the state competition. Lisa Oakley–Curator of Education in the ETHS–was one of the members in charge of the competition, and was impressed to see how much effort the students put in to their projects. The 1st-3rd place winners of the district competition will advance to the state competition, held in Nashville, Tennessee, on April 12, 2014.

Economics Club collaborates with organizations to create Fort Box

The UT Economics Clubs teamed up with other UT organizations–including UT Recycling–in order to create a Power T “Fort Box” in Pedestrian Mall on Friday, February 21, as a visual representation of the national debt and economics. UT is one of the twenty-five universities whose Economics Club partook in the Up to Us campaign–a campaign which raises awareness to students about the uprising national debt and how it will affect us in the future. Up to Us club members such as Kayla McMurry and Carly Frensley put together an event in which students would come and create a Power T with over 5,000 cardboard boxes, representing the $17 trillion national debt. Both Ken Baker (senior lecturer) and Benjamin Compton (lecturer in the economics department) agree that it is important for the students’ generation to understand economically what is going on, and are impressed by the Up to UTK’s efforts to raise awareness to the national debt crisis.