July 18, 2024

Clery Compliance Reports Carjacking Involving Student in White Avenue Parking Garage

Wednesday morning, the UTK Clery Compliance released a report about a carjacking that occurred the previous night around 10:30 p.m.

According to the report, a female student was walking to her parked car, a Toyota Yaris, in the G12/White Avenue parking garage on the north side of campus when she observed a group of individuals gathered around a nearby central staircase. As the student entered her vehicle, a female from the group approached her and asked for a ride, and a male in the group subsequently pulled the female student from the car.

The entire group of individuals then entered the Toyota and drove the vehicle out of the parking garage onto White Avenue, where several passerby noticed the car traveling in the wrong direction prior to turning onto 17th Street.

The suspects were described as juveniles under the age of 18 wearing athletic clothing. Their identities remain unknown, nor have they been apprehended.

The student was not physically injured, and no weapons were brandished during the incident.

At the end of the email, the Clery Compliance gave several tips on avoiding and safely handling carjackings, advising that a student’s life and safety are always more important than a vehicle. Students should remember to keep their car windows and doors locked at all times and should not be concerned with politeness if they are approached by strangers while in a vehicle.

In the event of a carjacking, students should accelerate and pull away if possible. Victims should report carjackings as soon as possible and inform the police if their vehicle has a GPS tracking system.

UTPD can be contacted at 865-974-3114 or utpolice@utk.edu.