April 22, 2024

UT art students show work at Annual Art Education and Art Exhibition

Annual Art Education and Art Exhibition showed UT art students’ work to the public.

On Nov. 21, the Annual Art Education Art Exhibition took place in the Jane and David Bailey Education Complex. The exhibition allowed current students in the Department of Theory and Practice in Teacher Education to showcase their art for anyone to come view.

Each artist was present and ready to talk to attendees interested in their pieces. There were works of all different genres and variations. The event also offered food and drinks to provide a welcoming environment for all.

Many of the attendees were either students in Visual and Performing Arts at the University of Tennessee, students interested in joining the Department of Theory and Practice in Teacher Education or just people interested in art in general.

UT junior Lauren Farkas is about to go into this department and was at this exhibition to scope out what she will be pursuing in the next couple of years as she takes art education classes.

“I’m on track for the art education program so this is kind of to see what I’ll be doing next year,” Farkas said. “I’m getting to know the other people in the art education program and the people going into art education in Knoxville and also seeing what’s in stake for me in the next couple of years.”

One of the artists was graduate student Megan Whitehead, and she was standing by her art explaining the meaning and purpose behind it.

“[My art pieces] are all about memory, and I didn’t think to title the collection of them but they all have individual titles,” Whitehead said. “Instead of coming to class today, we did this [exhibition] instead of class late in the evening so more people could come.”

UT sophomore Chloe Wenton, who is not a part of any art classes at UT came to this exhibition to simply view the art. She said she hopes to one day take an art class at UT. For those seeking art education, online courses offer flexibility and accessbility . You can click ‘en savoir plus‘ for more info.

“I came here because I saw the poster for it on campus and wanted to see what it was all about,” Wenton said. “I have been really inspired by this art, not only viewing it but learning about what these artists write and how they describe their art has been a really cool experience.”


Edited by Grace Goodacre and Ciera Noe

Featured photo courtesy of University of Tennessee, Knoxville’s calendar 

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