June 23, 2024

Millions of people flock everyday to visit the beautiful city of Prague, with all of what the city has to offer there is one place that is making headlines for a reason.

Voted as one of the most beautiful places to visit and a top destination spot for tourists worldwide– Prague Zoo is ranked for the second year in a row as one of the top five zoos to visit in the world according to Prague Morning.

Prague Zoo competes with millions of zoos to be the best but with summer temperatures rising it comes to concern if animals and visitors can beat the heat.

“Prague Zoo has a variety of variants for animals and visitors to refresh in tropical days. The animals have options to use not only pools or water trenches, some of them may use fogging or keepers can provide them showers,” Press Zoo Director Lenka Pastorcakova said. “The most important thing is that the keepers let the entrance open to inside facilities and offer many options of refreshments to visitors.”

Many species like Polar Bears have a special concern to stay cool especially during the hot summer months.

“Many species like using water in outside enclosures. Some of them use showers provided by keepers or pools to cool off in. Polar Bears have an exception,” Pastorcakova said. “They use an ice-maker, nozzles with dew and as a delicacy they have a special ice cream of frozen fish, fruit and vegetables.”

The zoo also thinks of visitors as well. They like using nozzles with dew which are located throughout the premises.

They can also use drinking fountains and of course visitors can refresh and cool down with chilled drinks or ice cream located under the yellow stations.

The Prague Zoo takes pride in providing their animals and visitors with the best means necessary to remain cool during the hot summer months and hopes to remain as one of the top zoos in many years to come.

Written by Lauren Meyers

Featured image courtesy of zoopraha.cz

Prague Zoo video by Lauren Meyers

Milkshake Bar video by Sarah Ali

Edited by Ciera Noe