June 12, 2024

Preview: Big Ears Festival 2019

The Big Ears Festival is around the corner. There will be many various musicians and artists attending this year.

Knoxville’s biggest, most eclectic group of musical bands and artists is just around the corner, and tickets are still on sale! The Big Ears Music Festival, in downtown Knoxville, is next week March 21 – 24.

Tickets are on sale for a weekend pass or a general admission day pass. Furthermore, the only weekend passes available are General Admission Weekend Pass and Sonic Explorer VIP Weekend Pass. In addition, both of these passes include a special offer for Exclusive Friends of Big Ears. Similarly, members of Exclusive Friends of Big Ears will receive special pricing if they donate $150. The different available day passes can be found here.

General Admission

General admission provides access to all of the Big Ears performances, screenings and venues for all four days of the event.

Tier 1: $225 + fees

Friends of Big Ears Exclusive (Tier 1): $205 + fees

Sonic Explorer VIP Weekend Pass

The Sonic Explorer weekend pass provides a special entrance pass to all of the festival venues. There is also a “no wait” line deal included. Additionally, attendees are guaranteed access to all the performances up to 15 minutes prior to the official start time. This pass also grants attendees access to preferred seating areas. Furthermore, the pass provides special notifications of “secret shows.” Similarly, it includes exclusive invitations by the artists to their intimate performances and parties.

Tier 1: $650 + fees

Friends of Big Ears Exclusive (Tier 1): $590 + fees

General Admission: $65 per day

The Pros of The Big Ears Music Festival

The Big Ears Music Festival started in 2009. It is one of the few festivals in Knoxville that brings together musicians and artists. Furthermore, this weekend helps celebrate Knoxville’s history in museums, theaters, nightclubs and other arts.

The festival supports over 100 artists and musicians every year for one weekend. All ages are welcome. However, for those two years and older, tickets need to be purchased.

Knoxville’s trolley system will provide public transportation. The trolleys will be running all week. Big Ears is located in downtown Knoxville. Additionally, there are many hotels near the downtown area. Guests can find hotel information online.

The diverse group of musicians and artists participating attracts audiences from all over.

Stephanie Spencer is a regular Big Ears Music Festival attendee.

“I have never seen this many artists at a festival, and it is a great way to stay in tuned with all genres and to hear new kinds of music,” Spencer said. “I always bring my friends with me to share this incredible experience with, and although I’m graduating this year, this will definitely not be the last time I attend.”

The lineup this year includes Music, Poetry, The Public Cinema, ECM, Drone and The Pilot Light. Some artists include: Abstract Black, Acme, Brooklyn Rider and many more.

The complete list of the lineup and schedule is here. This event is a match for music and arts fanatics.


Edited by Grace Goodacre and Ciera Noe

Featured image by Deidre Woollard, courtesy of Creative Commons

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