June 22, 2024

UT students receive a taste of Norway

UT students try authentic Norwegian snacks in Hodges Library

The International House presented a Norwegian coffee house on April 4 to educate students and staff about native snacks and literature.

A feature of the cultural series, the I-House’s weekly coffee house in Hodges Library featured traditional Norwegian waffles. These waffles contain less sugar than American waffles and are made with a special iron. Norwegian waffles come out thin and in a heart shape. On top of the waffles, students added homemade vanilla whipped cream, strawberry jam, Nutella or all three. 

UT student Miranda Campbell helped to dish up the snacks. Campbell was born in the U.S. and spent 10 years in Norway before returning to America for school.

“What I’ve learned is that the biggest difference between living in Norway and living here is the climate. When you live on the coast you constantly have a breeze and it doesn’t get as hot,” Campbell said. 

Some students glanced at free food and trickled in to see what they could eat and learn from the library’s pop up.

A graduate library assistant said, “The I-House sends us the schedule of when which country is being showcased and we try to put together an exhibit or pop-up to go along with it. We bring out literature, music, and guides for the country to supplement the experience.”

The International House showcases a different country every Wednesday.

Featured image by Kaitlyn Marlowe

Edited by Lexie Little