May 18, 2024

UT students shadow, perform ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’

The shadow cast of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” describes what the live experience is like from their points of view

Friday, Oct. 27 the Campus Events Board held its annual “Rocky Horror Picture Show” event in the HPER building showing the movie with a live shadow cast performance at midnight.

The event featured “The Virgin Games” for students who had never attended a live showing an hour before the 1975 film began. The audience learned how to participate with the film and live cast as they learned call backs to dialogue and dance moves.

As an annual event for the university, UTK students of all years, majors and levels of experience audition to be members of the shadow cast who perform alongside the film and interact with the audience.

“We did auditions back in September, and it was a two-day audition. I just went for it. About a day or two later I got the call saying that I was in,” Jared Sanchez said.

Sanchez, a junior who performed as a Transylvanian, said, “It has been amazing. We have worked really hard to try to put together a great show for the students here at UT.”

As cast members and “Rocky Horror” fans, the student actors explained the show to the audience.

First time cast member Andrew Gilreath described the film as “a cult-classic, 1970’s movie that makes fun of the horror movies from the old days. It is kind of a rock-opera musical, and it is very sensual. The show is the audience and the performers acting as one to have a really enjoyable time.”

The actors claimed their experiences in the shadow cast were memorable and enjoyable.

Senior and MC/Director Zach Ash has been a cast member every year he has been at UT.

“It has been fantastic. This is the main opportunity I have the entire academic year to fully release all the stress in a way that benefits the school,” Ash said. “It has become very near and dear to my heart, and I look forward to it every year. It feels like something is missing when it is over.”

“The Rocky Horror Picture Show” event continues to be fun for audiences and the cast. The show is set to continue in the future.

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Featured Image: Ainsley Kelso

Edited by Lexie Little

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