July 19, 2024

HoLa Festival invites Knoxville community to learn about Latin American culture

HoLa Hora Latina hosted their annual HoLa Festival at Market Square on Oct. 1-2.

The HoLa Hora Latina organization hosted its annual HoLa Festival at Market Square in downtown Knoxville this past weekend in celebration of diversity and culture in the Knoxville community. The festival was also a part of the local celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month. The purpose of this festival was to invite the public to learn and to enjoy the best of Hispanic food, music, arts and much more.

The HoLa Hora Latina organization invited 25 Latin American countries to come out and support and share their love of their country. Though not all 25 countries were present, the ones who did set up bright, colorful booths to show their love for their country.

“I wanted to come and share my culture with everyone,” Dorca Rose said as she and her daughter were setting up their Venezuelan stand for the first time at the festival.

Attendees participated in many activities and walked around to the informational booths along the streets. Food vendors included Puerto Rico, Cuba, Boliva and other Latin American countries. Singers, dancers and other performers performed on the main stage throughout the festival. The festival also featured a Parade of Nations on Gay Street with costumes and music to celebrate Knoxville’s 225th anniversary of its founding.

The Puerto Rico stand has been coming and supporting their culture for the past seven years. The stand sold handmade crafts from Puerto Rico. The Guatemala stand sold handmade bracelets and other trinkets. All of the proceeds from this stand go to children in Guatemala.

“This is my first year coming to the festival and I love seeing all the different Latina countries come together,” said festival attendee, Ramsey Waldrop.

You can learn more about this festival and the HoLa Hora Latina organization by visiting their website.

Featured Image by Margo Sweeney

Edited by Katy Hill and Kaitlin Flippo