May 23, 2024

Hollingsworth Patterson campaign wins 2016 SGA election

The Hollingsworth Patterson campaign beat opponents Challenge and Hardee, Morris, McCandless in the 2016 SGA election.

The Hollingsworth Patterson campaign has won the Student Government Association election, according to the UTK SGA Twitter page.

Carson Hollingsworth won the position of SGA President with 2,814 votes, and McKinsey Patterson won the position of vice president with 2,832 votes.

At the SGA debate which took place on April 4, both Hollingsworth and Patterson made the case for themselves and advocated for more student participation and campus unity.

Hollingsworth Patterson ran against two other campaigns; Hardee, Morris, McCandless and Challenge.

Caitlyn McCandless ran unopposed as student services director.

The number of ballots cast in the 2016 election reached 7,557, which was more than double the 2015’s 3,735.

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Featured image courtesy of the Hollingsworth Patterson Facebook page

Edited by Jessica Carr

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