July 20, 2024

Opinion: ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2’ leaves something to be desired

Hannah Hitzfield reviews the highly anticipated sequel to”My Big Fat Greek Wedding.”

//Photo by Ryan McGill

Nia Vardalos, star and writer of “My Big Fat Greek Wedding,” has done it again 14 years later with the sequel “My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2.”

The movie picks up where the previous film left off except now Toula, played by Vardalos, is working in her parents’ Greek restaurant. Toula’s daughter Paris Portokalos, played by Elena Kampouris, is a typical teenager who is getting ready to graduate while breaking her parents’ hearts in the process. Toula and her husband Ian, played by John Corbett, are also experiencing marital issues all while dealing with the fact that Toula’s parents’ original wedding was never finalized.

The movie is filled with exaggerated Greek stereotypes and comedic moments, but thankfully all the original cast members play them all out. Keeping the cast the same reminds the audience of the same heartwarming family love that was presented in the original. Moviegoers will appreciate the sequel even more if they loved the first.

In the original “My Big Fat Greek Wedding,” audiences connected to Ian and Toula’s love story. Their positive and enlightening romance was transparent, and that’s why the original film received such positive feedback. The sequel has a hard time trying to capture that same emotion. Keeping the cast the same and having the story revolve around a wedding is not quite what the movie needed to keep the momentum going.

The most dramatic character of them all was the daughter Paris, and she was not given enough screen time in order to truly grab the audience. Her story was left on the back burner while the parents’ and grandparents’ unenthusiastic moments were heightened.

If you enjoyed the original movie, then there will be some appreciation for the sequel. Unfortunately, if you want the same love story, you will most likely leave your seat disappointed.

Featured image by Ryan McGill

Edited by Taylor Owens