July 19, 2024

Opinion: K Brew offers a taste of autumn

Blogger Katy Hill continues her mission to find Knoxville’s best coffee shops. This week, she reviews K Brew.

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Fall break may be over, but you can still find time to enjoy a good cup of coffee. What better way to celebrate coming back to Knoxville than by warming up to a craft-made latte in a cozy atmosphere?

K Brew is usually my “treat yourself” destination. This tiny shop is located on a corner in the middle of Knoxville’s historic North Broadway neighborhood. It features a high-quality storefront designed by professionals, such as Shop Front Fitters. Although the handmade drinks may be more on the expensive side, it is worth it for the experience. This place is quickly becoming one of my favorites if I am looking for a well-made and tasty espresso drink.

K Brew's extensive menu of espressos and coffees. //Photo by Katy Hill
K Brew’s extensive menu of espressos and coffees. //Photo by Katy Hill

As you walk in through the tiny front door, you are immediately welcomed by a fun and friendly barista as well as the smell of freshly brewed coffee. The pastry case is full of a variety of bagels, biscotti and other interesting treats.

Warning: this menu may look extensive as it takes up the entire length of a wall, but do not be overwhelmed! I’m about to make this simple for you.

As you may assume based on my last post, I have had their dirty chai latte and it is amazing. Honestly, I suggest trying any drink that involves whipped cream. I don’t know what they do to this stuff, but it is absolutely worth the extra calories. With that being said, consider the mocha especially. Smooth chocolate, espresso and that special whipped cream make for an enticing treat.

Take a look around as you sit at a high top or at the bar. Notice the exposed brick wall as well as the hanging vintage Edison light bulbs. Watch the barista as he or she makes each drink into a piece of art. They surround themselves with interesting coffee contraptions such as a Chemex, Aeropress and a cold drip. If those words do not exist in your vocabulary, ask your barista because these people are more than happy to discuss the art of coffee with anyone willing to listen.

K Brew also offers items such as bagels and biscotti. //Photo by Katy Hill
K Brew also offers items such as bagels and biscotti. //Photo by Katy Hill

Because it is autumn (and we are all secretly obsessed with that fact), I suggest trying the pumpkin pie latte. This is no Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte. This contains REAL ingredients and doesn’t taste like a melted pumpkin scented candle. Warm cinnamon and nutmeg take over your taste buds followed by the cool creaminess of the whipped cream sprinkled with even more spices. I could only dream of Thanksgiving as I drank up every last drop.

K Brew also believes in serving small business roasting companies and provides a changing variety of aromatic and unique black coffees. Ask for the Nicaragua variety, which seems to be a favorite amongst baristas.

You can visit K Brew at 1328 N. Broadway, Knoxville, TN 37917.

The adventure continues next week at my next favorite local spot!

Photos by Katy Hill

Edited by Taylor Owens

Photos edited by Thomas Delgado

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