June 12, 2024

Vendors offer convenience, variety in Prague

A man and his wife enjoy sausages from a local vendor in Prague.

The aroma of smoked sausages, fried cheese and cinnamon fills the air in Prague, Czech Republic. There are many food options in this city, but many choose to eat at nearby vendors.

 Tourists tend to take advantage of them because it offers food at a price that restaurants cannot.

“It is delicious and really cheap, and it is the best when you are on the go,” said American tourist Morgan Galbraith.

Sausage vendors are located throughout the city and offer a variety of options. Customers can choose between beef, garlic or pork sausages to satisfy their cravings.

More than 500 Trdelniks are sold in Prague daily.

Sweets and treats are also spotted among the street corners in Prague.

  Trdelniks are not offered in America, which causes people to take full advantage of this treat while in Prague. Trdelniks is a stream of dough that is rolled out, caramelized, toasted and topped with cinnamon.

Vendor also enhance the sweet treats by adding nutella or peanut butter inside. According to vendors, more than 500 Trdelniks are sold each day.

American tourist Adrien Allward enjoys a Gelato ice cream cone.

Gelato vendors also line the streets in this city.

It is an Italian version of ice cream and differs from American ice cream in a few ways.

Gelato contains less butterfat than American ice cream but has more sugar. It  is denser than ice cream, and this causes the flavors to intensify.

“I’ve had it twice a week, and I’ve only been here a week,” says American tourist Adrien Allward. “It is really that good. I know I will be coming back for more.”

Edited by Maggie Jones

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