April 24, 2024

Skit showcase combines tradition with pop culture

A UT twist of the Bachelor performed by Zeta Tau Alpha

Performance at Carnicus
This year Carnicus featured skits that combined UT culture with trends in pop culture.
Tyler Yonce/ TNJN

Keeping with a tradition that has spanned the length of more than a century, the University of Tennessee once again found itself the host of Carnicus, an event showcasing skits led by the school’s sororities.

The performances took place March 27 and 28 from 7:30-11:30 pm at the Cox Auditorium in the Alumni Memorial Building.

The theme of the event, titled “Lights, Camera, Carnicus!” featured skits that put a UT twist on classic movies, television shows and pop media in general.

The story of Peter Pan was performed by members of Kappa Delta and Kappa Sigma. The story is told as a series of flashbacks by Peter, Wendy and other characters as they take the audience through their experiences at “Neverland” from freshman year to their senior year. Other such stories included takes on Toy Story, The Bachelor and Elf.

Kimberly Davis, a sophomore at UT, enjoyed the variety of the skits. “I couldn’t decide which one I liked the best, but they were all pretty well done,” Davis said. “They were a lot funnier than I thought they would be.”

"Butch Jones" winsThe Bachelor during a skit done by a participant of Carnicus.  Tyler Yonce/ TNJN
“Butch Jones” wins The Bachelor during a skit done by a participant of Carnicus.
Tyler Yonce/ TNJN

The event of Carnicus is one of UT’s longest-standing traditions, dating back before 1912 when it simply served as a celebration of finishing classes during the end of the spring semester. The name “Carnicus” comes from the combination of carnival and circus, which stemmed from the mash-up of the two during the celebration. Today, however, the focus has shifted much more directly to the performance of skits that are put on by various sororities.

The skits all took a very unique UT-centered theme at times implanting major characters such as UT head football coach Butch Jones in the stories.

“I thought all of the little references to the school were funny,” said James Rault, a junior at UT. “Some of them were pretty obvious but there were a lot of stuff some people might not get if they weren’t involved around campus.”

Other schools were referenced as well in the skits. Alabama and Florida were often mentioned. “I enjoyed it overall,” said Rault. “I think that traditions like this is what makes UT such a great campus to be on.”

In case you missed the performances Thursday and Friday, you can order a DVD of the event by clicking here.

Edited by Jessica Carr

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