July 19, 2024

BOSS Dance Company presents fourth annual spring showcase

Jan. 16 through Jan. 18, the Dance Society at the University of Tennessee presented the BOSS Dance Company’s fourth annual spring showcase in the Clarence Brown Theatre. The show began at 7:30 p.m. and included and a wide range of dance styles such as tap, contemporary, ballet and hip-hop.

Students at the University of Tennessee used to be able to minor in dance, but the program was eventually phased out in 2010. The spring showcase is Dance Society’s way of sharing a passion for dance and dance education with others.

“It was really great and it just got better and better,” said Ashley Fox, a first time attendee. “I really liked Marie, it was really moving and I really liked The First Drop; it was just high energy all the way to the end. I also like Werk, because it’s tap and it was really different the way they presented it.”

“My favorite dances were Marie and The Unlucky Ones,” said Andrea Marquina, a senior at UT. Marquina has attended every spring showcase. “The dances were a lot different [this year], but I always enjoy the mixes of dances they have. I like how they have upbeat ones, and the ones that I said were my favorite were a little bit slower. Each year, they improve a lot each year and they all make specific improvements and, as a whole, the company does as well.”

The audience was encouraged to cheer not only at the end of each dance, but during as well to help bring excitement and energy to the show. The energy brought by the audience was felt by the performers and, in turn, helped them perform well.

“This year’s performance was awesome,” said Caitlin Shu, dancer and secretary of BOSS Dance Company. “We really upped the ante with the entertainment and I think the crowd really brought the energy and it makes us preform a lot better and perform as a single unit, which is awesome.”

The BOSS Dance Company cast consists of 70 dancers, alumni and student choreographers.

“It was amazing,” said Dustin Shetley, first time dancer in Boss Dance Company.”The group was just amazing and it was the most amazing experience that I’ve had in college thus far.” Shetley had attended two previous showcases before deciding to try out for a position. “I was kind of scared going in to it because I’ve never danced before, but the group was just so welcoming and they taught me everything they knew and I’ve learned and grown so much.”

This years performance also included a new routine: the Can-can.

“My favorite performance tonight was probably the Can-can because the crowd really became alive and cheered us on and it makes it not so difficult. It’s a very athletic piece and it is really fun to perform.”

BOSS dancers were first asked to perform the Can-can last fall at an art appreciation showcase in the Alumni Memorial Building’s James R. Cox Auditorium.

“We were asked to perform the Can-can back in November,” said Shu. “We performed once before and our faculty adviser, Casey Sams, brought the idea to us and we were totally excited about it.”

Dance Society is scheduling spring technique classes open to the entire campus, including students and non students.

For more information on UT Dance Society, add them on Facebook.