June 21, 2024

Dance Society hosts art appreciation showcase

"Royals," performed by the BOSS dance company at the Art Appreciation Showcase on Monday.

A tap routine titled “Work,” performed by the UT Dance Society.
Steven Hines/ TNJN

The University of Tennessee Dance Society hosted an art appreciation showcase Monday in the Alumni Memorial Building’s James R. Cox Auditorium. The showcase featured the student-run BOSS dance company, as well as other dance companies and student musicians.

Proceeds from the showcase went to the Joy of Music School in Knoxville. The Joy of Music School provides music lessons to less fortunate children in the area.

The dance routines were all choreographed by UT students, and ranged from topics such as domestic violence to graduating into the ‘real world.’

Sophomore Dhara Baijal performed in the showcase in a dance with the Indian-American Association. “I’m really proud of how it went. It was so much fun, and I’m sad it’s over,” Baijal said. “It was so much fun to put it together with my friends. That’s the best part, doing it with friends.”

The Indian-American Association represents the combination of Indian and American cultures. “We fused songs that the audience would know with songs from our culture, which can sometimes be a challenge to do but a lot of fun,” Baijal said.

In addition to performing, the dance companies also watched the other routines. “I love the other acts so much,” said Baijal.”They are so awesome. It’s great to see so many diverse talents and so many different personalities on stage. This diversity on campus is amazing to see.”

UT student Tina Ohu attended the event. “I had a couple of friends performing tonight,” said Ohu.” They told me they were practicing for something, and I had to see it. It’s hard for me to pick a favorite act, they were all so good. I knew there were talented people on campus, but you don’t get to usually see them all together like this.”

For more information on the UT Dance Society, click here.

Edited by Jessica Carr