July 18, 2024

We are now past the 11 week mark in the SEC schedule, and this last week had some surprises and it solidified some schools on the top. While some schools fight for a bowl berth, others seem to be coasting to their promise land.


1. Atop the list is none other than Alabama. Alabama is undefeated and only has one more big game in the regular season, the Iron Bowl. Assuming they beat Auburn, they should be able to make it to the BCS championship game.


2.  At the beginning of the year no one would have guessed Auburn would be in the position they are now. Auburn is second on this list after the beating they put on Tennessee. Auburn is 9-1 with two big games left, home against Georgia and Alabama. Auburn does have a legitimate chance of beating these two with the amazing offense Gus Malzahn is running.


3.  Another huge surprise is how well Missouri has played all year. They are a one loss team in the east that is almost certain to be in the SEC championship game. However they do have two tough games left against Ole Miss and TAMU, and after these games are through and the smoke clears, don’t be be surprised to see Missouri 11-1 and in the SEC championship.


4.  Texas A&M and Johnny Manziel didn’t have the game they expected to have against Mississippi State, but a win is a win. This is an odd team to watch because of the fact that they run one of the nation’s best offenses and one of the nation’s worst defenses. The expression “defense wins championships” doesn’t seem to resonate well with Kevin Sumlin.


5.  South Carolina has a very well balanced team and is well coached, by the ole ball coach. With three games left and one of them being a challenge (Clemson) South Carolina might be able to make the Sugar Bowl is everything plays out perfectly.


6.  Louisiana State University had an expected loss against Alabama. LSU has a defense that could contend with the offense of TAMU on November 23 later this month. Also Mettenberger has matured exponentially with the LSU offense and turned LSU from an all-defensive team to a defensive team that has offensive capabilities.


7.  The Ole Miss Rebels are performing wonders on the field and in recruiting under the coaching of Hugh Freeze. With a signature win against LSU earlier this year, it is easy to see Ole Miss has a bright future ahead of them.


8.  Georgia has had an awful year due to injuries. They have managed to keep an amazing offense working throughout the season with the big help of Aaron Murray. The defense hasn’t been one to gloat about. Georgia has  three games remaining, and could pull off the upset against Auburn.


9. Vanderbilt. The fact that the Vanderbilt Commodores break the top ten in SEC power rankings is astounding. James Franklin has done things to Vanderbilt that not many people could even dream of doing. Georgia  AND Florida have lost to Vandy this year and is only one win away from another bowl appearance under James Franklin.


10. The Tennessee Volunteers come in at tenth. New coach Butch Jones has one of the hardest jobs in the country coming into this season facing the toughest schedule in the Vols’ history. He managed at least one upset  against the Gamecocks of South Carolina. Jones must win out the season to make a bowl game. The toughest game left on their schedule is a home game against Vanderbilt, which should be a good game.


11. Mississippi State comes in close behind Tennessee. They played a great game last week against TAMU, but couldn’t pull through. It is hard to believe that they will make a bowl game due to the fact they need to beat two of their next three opponents, who happen to be Alabama, Arkansas, and Ole Miss.


12. Florida. The Florida Gators have somehow managed to keep finding ways to get worse as the year goes on. With an embarrassing loss to Vandy, Florida will most likely miss out on its first bowl game since 1990. An awful offense is the main ingredient of disaster for the awful year they have been having.


13. Arkansas. Although they started off very impressive, they soon found themselves losing game after game in the SEC. It is now impossible for this team to reach a bowl game.


14. The Kentucky Wildcats are where they usually are, the bottom. But the new coach Mark Stoops, the future doesn’t seem like it will repeat itself with the recruiting he is doing up in Lexington.

Edited by: Will Lomas