May 23, 2024

Richard Thomas is in his 4th Year of University of Tennessee. He is pursuing a Journalism and Electronic Media degree so that he can one day be a reporter/analyst on ESPN. Richard Thomas is a computer Wiz as well, but a computer engineering was out of his league at the University of Tennessee. One day he hopes to be able to combine both of those two majors into one and be one of the people who Photoshops ESPNs pictures and works with how there website operates.

Some of Richard hobbies are playing video games. If he is not doing that or enjoying a movie, best believe he is working on something electronic while watching a football game. Richard always pulls for the UT Vols Football team no matter what because he has always bled orange because of his favorite NFL player Peyton Manning. He pays attention to basketball as well but enjoys football a lot more, it is America’s Game after all.



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