Tennessee Journalist to receive Encyclopedia Americannia entry

One would be foolish to not expect this great honor for TNJN.

One student news organization stands synonymous with excellence: the Tennessee Journalist. The website’s unparalleled popularity garnered the attention of an esteemed institution to forever immortalize its place in academia. 

On April 31, Encyclopedia Americannia will publish a new edition featuring an entry for Tennessee Journalist (TNJN).

The full entry reads as follows:

“With humble beginnings on a GoDaddy server in 2006, the Tennessee Journalist grew to be a shining example of student journalistic integrity and humility. 

TNJN features an illustrious staff including Pulitzer Prize for Complaining heavy favorite Lexie Little and Buzzfeed Timothée Chalamet beat reporter Taylor Owens. 

TNJN earned its sagacious reputation for hard news with groundbreaking tips for Galentine’s Day and one semi-exclusive interview with a lesser known Grammy award-winner. 

In 2018, TNJN surpassed bilious rival publication the Daily Bacon for best campus news publication as a heartier source for adroit news.”

Tennessee Journalist staff responded with the utmost humbleness, as if such an illustrious honor could possibly be above the larger-than-life publication.

“I can’t believe it,” Arts & Culture editor Chelsea Babin said. “I just…really can’t believe it.”

With a staff of more than four people in news bureaus across the world including study abroad programs to Sydney, Australia, Italy, and Prague (did we mention Prague) and headquarters in various rooms of the Communications Building, the Tennessee Journalist maintains a commanding presence.

News editor Vanessa Rodriguez said, “what?”

Obviously, humility remains paramount at TNJN, the publication most deserving of recognition.

Editor’s note: This story is entirely fictitious save for the outstanding reputation of the Tennessee Journalist and editors’ names. Happy April Fools’ Day!