Boy receives ultimate gift of hearing

Two-year-old Thomas Creech is on his way to hearing for the first time.

Story and video by Cayla Graner

Two-year-old Thomas Creech received the ultimate gift of hearing this past month.

Thomas was adopted from China 10 months ago by Bryan and Mollie Creech. The family had seven biological children, but felt that they were supposed to adopt kids as well.

After hearing that the family had seven kids, the adoption agency told them that they could only adopt overseas. Although the family went to China to adopt one child, they ultimately brought back two.

When the Creech family came back from China, they realized that one of their sons had vision problems, and their other son Thomas was completely deaf.

Immediately, the family started looking into getting Cochlear implants for Thomas. The surgery was going to cost $50,000, but the family was sure that their insurance would pay for it.

Unfortunately, the family soon learned that the insurance wouldn’t pay for the surgery.

Just when all hope seemed lost, a miracle happened.  A foundation called Advance Bionics heard about Thomas’s dilemma and decided to completely pay for his implants.

The family was overjoyed and said they are excited to walk through these next steps with Thomas.

Thomas had his surgery to attach the implants in late January and goes in soon to turn on his hearing.

Thomas will never have the chance to hear on his own and will still be deaf when they turn off his hearing when he sleeps.

However, he will now have the chance to hear all eight of his new siblings running and playing in the house.

Edited by Taylor Owens

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