Opinion: The Crown & Goose offers exquisite cuisine

In this new blog series, food blogger and senior at UT, Jessica Carr explores all the best cuisine this Scruffy City has to offer. This week she rates the Crown & Goose, a traditional British pub restaurant serving up exquisite cuisine.

Photo by Jessica Carr

I think I’m going through a phase, a food phase. It’s one where I feel like I have to try new things. I have an urge to go out and eat at as many different restaurants in Knoxville as possible.

This phase started when I realized that my time in Knoxville could be limited. I am a senior now at UT and my whole entire future is just up in the air. I mean, all seniors’ futures are up in the air if you really think about it. So, for me, much like a mid-life crisis, I am having a senior food-life crisis.

Thanks to my new handy dandy food plan, that allows a commuter like myself to spend my week eating the same Aramark bland meals over and over again, I now have a few extra dollars in my bank account.

I made my own silver lining. I decided to use my extra dollars to explore all the local cuisine that this Scruffy City has to offer. This is when I came upon the Crown & Goose.

This restaurant feels like a traditional British pub and features the most exquisite cuisine. Personally, I’ve never been to England, but I can imagine that this food comes pretty close with dishes like fish n’ chips, bangers and mash (sausage and mashed potatoes) and duck confit. Pair these dishes with a glass of handcrafted beer and you have a match made in British heaven.

My Recommendations:

The cheese board: A wooden cutting board is topped with a variety of english imported cheeses and paired with fruits, nuts and fresh baked bread.

Main entree: Honey balsamic cornish hen grilled to perfection and paired with crispy quinoa polenta, baby kale and fried leeks.

Score: 18.5/20





Chef Jeffrey DeAlejandro is an amazing cook and has even opened up a brunch place called Olibea, which I also highly recommend.

Follow this series to see what restaurants in Knoxville I explore next.

Happy Eating!

Jessica Carr is a senior majoring in journalism and electronic media at UT. She is an independent food blogger. You can check out her blog by clicking here.

Edited by Taylor Owens