May 6, 2021


UT Science Forum gets “Fruved”

At the University of Tennessee Science Forum on Friday, Sept. 26, assistant professor of nutrition Sarah Colby shared her plan to combat obesity on college campuses and promote healthier behaviors among college students through a project called “Get Fruved.”

TheGoldenGateExpress: Overconsumption of food wastes money, creates more pollution

Since the beginning of the 21st century, American consumers have been buying hundreds of calories more than those who lived in the 1950s, according to the United States Department of Agriculture. The total food supply in 2000 delivered 3,800 calories per person per day. The USDA states, of those 3,800 calories, roughly 1,000 calories were lost due to spoilage, plate waste, cooking and other losses. The average family of four wastes about 20 pounds of food each month, nearly $2,275 a year.