UT students receive a taste of Norway

The International House presented a Norwegian coffee house on April 4 to educate students and staff about native snacks and literature.

A feature of the cultural series, the I-House’s weekly coffee house in Hodges Library featured traditional Norwegian waffles. These waffles contain less sugar than American waffles and are made with a special iron. Norwegian waffles come out thin and in a heart shape. On top of the waffles, students added homemade vanilla whipped cream, strawberry jam, Nutella or all three. 

UT student Miranda Campbell helped to dish up the snacks. Campbell was born in the U.S. and spent 10 years in Norway before returning to America for school.

“What I’ve learned is that the biggest difference between living in Norway and living here is the climate. When you live on the coast you constantly have a breeze and it doesn’t get as hot,” Campbell said. 

Some students glanced at free food and trickled in to see what they could eat and learn from the library’s pop up.

A graduate library assistant said, “The I-House sends us the schedule of when which country is being showcased and we try to put together an exhibit or pop-up to go along with it. We bring out literature, music, and guides for the country to supplement the experience.”

The International House showcases a different country every Wednesday.

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Vienna Coffee Company visits campus, promotes brand

With midterms approaching, caffeine consumption is on the rise at the University of Tennessee.

The UPerk coffee shop welcomed students to partake in a free tasting provided by the Vienna Coffee Company Tuesday evening. UPerk, the not-for-profit coffee shop located in the UKirk ministry house, receives its coffee supply from the company which serves many local restaurants, churches and schools.

Students sampled both a Honduran and Costa Rican coffee and learned more about the production process.

“It was super cool,” Mary Grace Reynolds, UPerk’s hospitality intern, said. “Each coffee we tasted, we learned about where it’s from and the regions in which it was produced. It felt really special and exciting.”

Vienna Coffee Company provides samples of its new Foothills coffee at UPerk campus coffee house in Knoxville Tuesday, Feb. 27, 2018. Lauren Claxton/TNJN

Phillip Hatter, director of coffee and training at Vienna, discussed the distinct flavor differences in the new Foothills Series Coffee. Hatter said Vienna takes pride in its product transparency and its ability to trace the coffee back to the production farms.

UPerk’s coffee, Hatter explained, is a combination of 40 percent Ethiopian coffee and 60 percent from Papua New Guinea. Vienna offers certified organic coffee and supports direct trade.

With a new location in the downtown Knoxville Regas Building, Vienna brews close to campus until 6 p.m. Monday through Friday. Students will receive a discount if they bring their student ID. Students can also receive Vienna coffee every weekday until 11 p.m. at UPerk.


Open since August, UPerk offers coffee shop qualities in the middle of campus. All students are welcome. UPerk also hosts events like open mic nights, concerts and public speakers.


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Hundreds line up at The Golden Roast for a taste of Stars Hollow’s “Luke’s Diner”

Hundreds of people waited in line for nearly two hours to experience a taste of Stars Hollow at The Golden Roast Wednesday morning. Christian Academy of Knoxville students, UT students and other local patrons began lining up as early as 6:30 a.m. 

Over 2image400 cafés were selected across the U.S. to host “Luke’s Diner” pop-ups to celebrate the 16th anniversary of the show, “Gilmore Girls” and its revival, “Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life,” which will premiere on Netflix on Nov. 25. While The Golden Roast still looked the same on the inside, the employees were dressed in a similar fashion as “Luke’s Diner” owner, Luke Danes. Don Payne, owner of The Golden Roast, was dressed as Danes and impersonated him throughout the morning. He even occasionally took photos with fans.

Payne said he was not sure exactly how The Golden Roast was selected but said Netflix found their website and wanted The Golden Roast to be a pop-up location.

The Golden Roast was the only selected coffee shop in East Tennessee.

Dressed as the character Rory Gilmore, Lainey Wise, 11, said she has been a fan of “Gilmore Girls” for a year now.  Wise said she is excited to watch the revival show. “[I want] to see if Sookie had a girl or a boy,” Wise said of one of the main characters.

Originally, only the first 100 customers that stopped by between 7-11 a.m. received free coffee. However, The Golden Roast employees extended that offer to all customers only buying regular coffee. Netflix, who is promoting the event, sent aprons, baseball hats and signs for the occasion.

“I got up really early, but it was worth it. I’m watching the show again right now. I have a quiz at 9, but sacrifices could be made today,” patron and “Gilmore Girls” fan, Sarah Payne, said.

“I’ve never watched the show, but I’m all for free coffee. I may start watching the show after this,” Ashley Ward, another attendee, said.

For more information on pop-locations, check out the Stars Hollow website.


Written by Kaitlin Flippo and Lexie Little

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Opinion: New beginnings, same traditions at Remedy Coffee

[title_box title=”Opinion: New beginnings, same traditions at Remedy Coffee”]

As the temperatures quickly drop here in East Tennessee, the actual need for a hot cup of coffee in a warm environment greatly increases. This small treat will soon transform into a necessity during these chilly winter months.

I have decided to extend my coffee shop journey during this semester because I simply cannot stay away. I experienced a small issue at the end of last semester when I wanted to save my last post for my favorite coffee spot in town. When it was time to begin the review, Remedy was temporarily closed because they moved from Jackson Avenue to Tyson Street.

The change was bittersweet for me because of the many memories I had made in their antique Old City location, but I trusted that whatever changes they would make, they would be done right and done well. The wait was absolutely worth it.

Remedy’s open concept allows for extra space and inviting conversation. //Photo by Katy Hill

My mouth dropped to the ground as I walked into the new building for the first time. A sleek, modern look takes over the interior with couches and comfy chairs, as well as high top and low top table seating. The exposed beam ceiling opens up the space, yet also feels inviting. What truly makes this new location unique is the large sliding barn door on the far wall and the words “Coffee & Conversation” in large print on the same wall.

Those words speak the truth because you will almost always walk into a small crowd of individuals on their laptops, baristas sharing their knowledge, or friends simply catching up. The extra space has benefitted Remedy greatly and adds character to the atmosphere.

Now, I must talk about the actual coffee because that’s what I am here for, right? Remedy serves Intelligentsia Direct Trade coffee originally from Chicago. I have quickly fallen in love with Intelligentsia coffee because of the fresh, seasonal variety along with unique roasts.

This is usually my favorite place to just order a simple black coffee, but I am currently enjoying one of the best cappuccinos in town. The perfectly crafted steamed milk and silky foam combined with Intelligentsia espresso make for a truly special coffee experience. My favorite way to enjoy a black coffee at Remedy is French Press style. They steep the coffee grounds, perfectly press them, and then serve it up in the actual press itself alongside an empty mug ready to be filled.

Remedy’s fresh cold brew on tap along with an assortment of flavored syrups. //Photo by Katy Hill

Even though the weather is brutal, I would suggest trying the house-made cold brew on tap. It is unusual to see a cold brew coffee coming out of what looks like a beer tap, but it is the most unique tasting experience and what makes the creativity of Remedy shine. Its bitter chicory flavor is bold and refreshing, and if you don’t like black coffee, you can add in any flavor you crave! I once tried the lavender cold brew and it was nothing like anything I have ever tasted.

Assorted local pastries are offered to go along with your coffee drink, and I fully support trying some. However, in the coming week, you will not have to worry about deciding between a muffin and a biscotti because Remedy will be opening up an artisan donut shop called Makers right next door! They’ve made it easy on us coffee and donut lovers and placed the two shops within a few steps of each other. What a perfect time to warm up with some coffee and begin this semester on a happy and relaxed note.

I think it is obvious where I will be going to write my next post!

Also, ask a barista about the owners and Knoxlife Church to see how they are contributing to the community.

You can find Remedy at 800 Tyson Street Knoxville, TN 37917 and visit them on their website.

Photos by Katy Hill

Edited by Taylor Owens 

Opinion: Old City Java is an artistic hideaway

[title_box title=”Opinion: Old City Java is an artistic hideaway”]

Knoxville’s Old City: where the city’s young and hip residents unite. There is a certain vibe to this place that almost anyone can enjoy. High-end restaurants, bars and clubs and most importantly, the beloved coffee shop Old City Java. This favorite spot is always busy with coffee-loving visitors and is ready to warm you up as the holiday season approaches.

When I say that atmosphere is almost as important as the coffee that is served, I absolutely mean it. I also immediately think of “Java” (as us natives refer to it) when I want to be inspired by the old and eclectic look.

The “Starry Night” ceiling is one of Old City Java’s most distinctive features. //Photo by Katy Hill

This tiny shop is defined by its exposed brick walls, worn hard wood floors and the iconic “Starry Night” ceiling. Indeed, it was the painted ceiling in the second room that truly made me fall in love with this spot. Just look up and you will see all the artistic inspiration you need for the day!

Take a look around at any spot in the shop and you will see intriguing local art and photography. I sometimes find it hard to focus on my homework because I am simply taken away by the talent that is displayed throughout.

This artistic talent directly translates into the coffee and pastries that are made daily and only adds to the overall experience. Expertly steamed milk makes these espresso drinks truly standout amongst others. My usual drink at Java is a cappuccino, no sugar no flavors. When milk is steamed correctly, the foam should be slightly sweet and very frothy, leaving a wonderful mouthfeel to enhance the espresso.

This is exactly why I order my cappuccino every time.

You can also never go wrong with a black coffee here. They will serve two different roasts and will explain in detail the flavor notes and the region in which it was grown and roasted.

I mentioned pastries earlier, and I honestly believe I could write a whole post talking about these things. I am not usually one to eat a pastry with my coffee or espresso because I believe my indulgence should be in the handcrafted drink that was made specifically for me.

However, Old City Java has proven to be my exception.

As soon as you walk in, you immediately see the whole set up of every delicious baked treat you could want alongside your favorite coffee. My first experience with this little piece of heaven was the blueberry muffin. Juicy whole blueberries filled this little confection and burst in my mouth with each bite. I am currently enjoying a pumpkin muffin (‘tis the season) and it has proved to be just as delicious with its powerful cinnamon and pumpkin spice flavor.

Old City Java also creates homemade pie, scones, cookies, croissants, and other wholesome treats that are just as delicious as those muffins.

If you wish to experience a classic Knoxville hub, a trip to Old City Java is a must. Just don’t be surprised if you get swept away by the artistic overload!

You can find Old City Java at 109 S Central Street.

Join me next week for my final and absolute favorite coffee spot in Knoxville!

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Opinion: For a mid-week coffee break try Blue Mason Coffeehouse

[title_box title=”Opinion: For a mid-week coffee break try Blue Mason Coffeehouse”]

Nothing is better than celebrating the beginning of fall while sipping on a hot coffee in a cozy coffee shop. There is something about the smells, the sounds and the chatter that fill the place that makes the experience so fulfilling.

A cup of coffee. //Photo by Katy Hill
A cup of coffee. //Photo by Katy Hill

I am especially excited for this review because I discovered this little hideaway about a year ago next to one of my favorite outdoor outfitters. When I first visited Blue Mason Coffeehouse, I felt as if I was cheating on my usual spot for a good cup of joe (which I will review later). However, that feeling quickly diminished when I was greeted by a friendly barista who then made a beautiful and life-changing dirty chai latte.

You will soon learn that dirty chai’s are my go-to espresso drink, and I highly recommend you try one.

You will notice decorations galore while sitting in this coffee shop. The walls are painted a simple blue and decorated with local photography. As you wander into the second room where the baristas spend their time, you see wooden beams on the ceiling and an old fashion bicycle hanging from one of the walls behind a cozy couch. If this doesn’t make you fall in love with the place then I don’t know what will!

A bicycle hangs on the wall at Blue Mason Coffeehouse. //Photo by Katy Hill
A bicycle hangs on the wall at Blue Mason Coffeehouse. //Photo by Katy Hill

As one could imagine, the whole shop is scattered with blue mason jars filled with either flowers or lit Edison bulbs. What a beautiful vintage touch! Also, if you order your drink iced, it will be served in one of these blue mason jars. I do this quite often mainly because I love the jar so much.

When I went, I enjoyed a strong and flavorful Ethiopian brew, but they also offer seasonal drinks such as their pumpkin, whiskey and graham cracker lattes.

Blue Mason is the perfect spot to finish some homework, either out on the front porch on a warm, sunny day or while sitting on that couch on a cool, rainy day. After your cup is empty, you can head over to River Sports Outfitters to do some rock climbing or buy some new Chacos because these two wonderful places share a parking lot.

You can visit Blue Mason Coffeehouse at 2920 Sutherland Drive in Knoxville and learn more about the coffeehouse on their website.

Tune in next week to read about my next coffeehouse venture.

Photos by Katy Hill

Edited by Taylor Owens