Opinion: Balancing class and internships

Internships are extremely valuable. They help you learn more about your professional field, build your network, and teach you how to work in a professional environment. However, it can be very tricky to try to balance an internship with a difficult class schedule.

Opinion: Scoring success at career fairs

It’s almost fall break, and you know what that means- bonfires, football and pumpkin flavored everything. I know that job searching will probably be the last thing on your mind during this long weekend, but I encourage you to take a break from your autumn festivities to prepare for the career fair taking place this Wednesday.

Opinion: The void I didn’t know was there

“Where do you work?” is one of the first questions asked when you meet someone. Your job and career path say a lot about you as a person. First impressions and self confidence are dependent on it. No matter how much the individual likes his or her job, as a society we stereotype people based on their career or lack thereof.