Video: Making Strides for Breast Cancer Awareness

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The Making Strides for Breast Cancer event was took place in World’s Fair Park. It was a 5K walk with over one thousand people participating to help raise awareness. Along with participants, there were numerous sponsors that were involved to help raise money that could go towards finding a cure. The event itself is not just organized in Knoxville, but also in other states across the country. The event has been going on for 22 years with over 11 million people participating to help fight the disease.

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Video: Old Timers Day in Townsend benefits local businesses

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The Townsend Fall Heritage Festival – better known as Old Timers Day – meets twice a year in Townsend, Tenn. to bring together old-timers and the old-timers at heart. Proceeds from September’s event went to the Townsend Volunteer Fire Department. Rachel Craig, a senior in journalism & electronic media, went there to learn more about the event’s impact on Townsend businesses.

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Local coffee shop offers late hours for students

The Golden Roast has been open for 17 years. Jessica Carr/ TNJN
The Golden Roast has been open for 17 years.
Jessica Carr/ TNJN

As the sun goes down, school books begin to open. It’s 9 p.m. and the Golden Roast, coffee shop has no seat unoccupied.

“In my case, I particularly like coming to the golden roast because I’m a night owl,” said Connor Minton, sophomore at UT. “The university is open yes, but there really is no place walking around on campus at night that is convenient. I can park in a staff lot or right outside and walk to the golden roast. It’s really nice to actually have a quaint coffee place that is open late.”

The Golden Roast has been located on Melrose Place off of Cumberland Ave for 17 years. It is open from 8 a.m. until midnight every day of the week.

“I’m not a very good morning person so; night shifts are more along my line,” said Cara Pfennigwerth, late night worker at The Golden Roast. “I think there are not many places besides bars that offer late night hours and I think coffee is more conducive to studying than alcohol.”

Abby Barnes, a UT senior, thinks late hours better fit a student’s schedule.

“They are definitely more conducive to the student schedule and when we like to study is late at night,” Barnes said. “Usually I’m in class until 5 p.m. It’s just easier to come here maybe around 8 or 9 and just stay here study for a couple of hours, undistracted.”

Barnes prefers to study at The Golden Roast over Hodges Library.

“I feel like the people here are a lot more focused,” Barnes said. “A lot of the times at the library you’ll get people goofing off. They aren’t focused. I get frustrated with them and it makes me want to leave.”

As finals week approaches, The Golden Roast will continue to serve up coffee for students at late hours of the night.

“It’s just a really relaxing work environment,” Pfennigwerth said. “It hasn’t changed much at all since it opened 17 years ago. I think it’s very familiar and calming. It’s a nice setting for students to study.”

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UT student beats cancer, gives back in race for the cure

The Buddy’s Bar-B-Q Race Against Cancer celebrated its 20th annual 5k race and walk Sunday, Nov. 10. The race benefits cancer screenings and education in East Tennessee. UT student Alice Mitchell has been cancer-free for two and a half years. Mitchell attends as many races she cans because she wants to, “support a community that supported me through it all.”

Mitchell was diagnosed with stage 2B breast cancer in January 2011 and immediately underwent treatment. Mitchell endured 4 rounds of chemotherapy and 32 rounds of radiation therapy. On April 16, Mitchell went into remission.

Mitchell declares April 16 as her new birthday. Since 2011, Mitchell has celebrated her birthday by spending time with those that helped her through her journey.

Buddy’s Race has helped raise more than $5 million for cancer care and education in East Tennessee.

Alice’s Story