Staff profile: Jennifer Brake, editor in chief

Jennifer Brake is a senior at the University of Tennessee studying Journalism and Electronic Communication. She is also the editor in chief of the Tennessee Journalist, a program planning intern at Scripps Networks Interactive for HGTV and DIY Network  and occasionally freelances for the Knoxville News Sentinel, where she was an intern for nearly a year.

Jennifer started writing for TNJN during her freshman year at UT. After two semesters as a news writer, she was promoted to news editor and later took over as editor in chief.

She hopes to work for an elite magazine, newspaper or news website when she graduates in May 2014.

When she’s not writing, Jennifer enjoys reading, dancing and taking her dog to the park.

Staff profiles: Melitta Markey

Melitta Markey is a 19-year-old sophomore majoring in journalism and electronic media and minoring in business administration at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville. She graduated from Independence High School in Thompsons Station, Tennessee in 2012 and attended the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga for a year before transferring to Knoxville. Transferring to the University of Tennessee at Knoxville was an easy decision for her since she had heard great things about the news broadcast program at Knoxville, which is what she plans on specializing in along with visual studies.

While in high school Melitta took four years of electronic media courses. During this time she participated in filming and editing for the school’s broadcast news team and was eventually given the opportunity to be the producer her senior year. Indy News won multiple awards from the Williamson County Film Festival while Melitta was the producer. She also won multiple awards for her personal work from film festival and from the Student Emmy’s.

Melitta had an internship at the local government access channel, Williamson County Television,  from January 2010 to May 2012. At her internship she filmed and edited programs around the county including football games, basketball games, school board meetings, library events, and bicycle public service announcements. During her final year at WC-TV she was named the chief intern. With this role she was put in charge of the other four interns and given a larger workload.

She now plans to become involved in news broadcasting at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville and one day dreams of being an executive producer of a news stations while filming and editing videos on her own time.


Staff profiles: Jordan Achs

Jordan Achs is a student at the University of Tennessee majoring in Journalism and minoring in Spanish and Business.

Originally from a ski town in Idaho, she spent her high school years in rural Illinois. While there, she’s had a plethora of weird jobs, from corn detasseling to being a summer janitor for the elementary school. Despite working, she managed to be a good student, getting Illinois State Scholar and being in the top five of her class, although the class only had 48 students in it.

Jordan has many different hobbies, including: rock climbing, reading, watching TV, making horrible puns, and going to the movies. In addition, she follows street art religiously, is addicted to the internet, and Obi Wan is her only hope. Her favorite way to keep up with news is via Reddit, and her Klout score fluctuates between a 58 and 61.

Jordan has many different hopes and dreams right now, especially when it comes to a career. One dream is to work for Entertainment Weekly, covering the movies and TV shows she spends so much time watching.

Staff profiles: Annaya Moore

Annaya Moore is a 19 year- old second year student at the University of Tennessee. She is originally from Chicago, Illinois. She spent her freshmen year at Troy University which was a huge culture shock for her since she is use to the fast pace and always on the go attitude of the north. Annaya is a former basketball player that came from number one nationally ranked high school Bolingbrook. She graduated along with eight division one players that are currently at big time schools such as UConn, U of I, Auburn, and your very own UT. Along with those eight girls is Annaya’s fraternal twin sister Nia Moore that is currently a Lady Volunteer under head Coach Holly Warlick. Even though Annaya was a top recruit coming out of high school,  she suffered a career ending injury in both feet called a lisfranc sprain. It is when the ligaments in your feet spread with constant and intense physical activity.

Thankfully Annaya is very diverse and has always been very successful academically. With that being said, she is majoring in Journalism and Electronic Media, and hopes to pursue Sports Broadcast Journalism in the near future. When Annaya is not working as a manager for the Lady Volunteers she enjoys traveling, shopping, swimming,experiencing new things, and any sort of physical activity. Annaya is also an older sister to three younger brothers of the ages sixteen,eleven, and six. Annaya is very excited to be apart of this department and experiencing all that is to come.

Staff profiles: Sam Turner

Sam Turner is a sophomore studying journalism at the University of Tennessee.  He chose to study journalism because he wants to pursue a career in TV or movie editing.  Sam has always been interested in this field because of his mothers career as a video editor and seeing all of the experiences she has had through her work.  After he graduates Sam is uncertain of what he will do.

Turner is a native of Tennessee and was born and raised in Nashville.  He is a graduate of Hume-Fogg Academic Magnet High School and has lived in Knoxville since starting at UT.  He enjoys Knoxville and is looking forward to the next three years here.

Sam’s hobbies include mountain biking, motorcycle riding and watching and playing hockey, football and lacrosse.  His favorite teams include the Nashville Predators, the Minnesota Vikings and the Tennessee Volunteers.  Turner is also a member of the Kappa Alpha Order fraternity on UTs campus and enjoys the brotherhood and friendships he has made through joining KA.

Staff Profiles: Kevin Kowalewski

Kevin Kowalewski is a 21 year old Journalism and Electronic Media Student at University of Tennessee. He lived in Sacramento, California until he was 18 before moving to sunny San Diego to pursue his further progress his baseball career as a pitcher. After obtaining a community college degree in Business Administration from San Diego Mesa Community College, he took a semester off before applying to University of Tennessee. He currently resides in Knoxville.

Besides having aspirations as a Major League Baseball player, Kevin has many other interests and hobbies. You can often catch him working out, playing his Xbox, music festivals, spending time with his family and friends, or drinking an ice cold beer in a chair somewhere watching sports. Kevin has a particular interest in fantasy football where he a is seven time league champion and freelance writes for his own fantasy football blog. As an avid sports aficionado, his favorite teams include the Oakland A’s and Minnesota Vikings but if you have any questions about sports you should ask him.