Opinion: ‘Dear White People’ addresses contemporary social issues

“Dear White People” does an excellent job of drawing back the curtains that many individuals have been hiding behind when it comes to racism and its part in today’s society. Although many people believe racism is a part of our past and it is not currently a part of our present, “Dear White People” challenges this way of thinking by telling the “fictional” story of four black students who are trying to navigate their way through an Ivy League college, consisting of a primarily white student population.

Opinion: Veteran’s Day for a veteran

Like most people on Veteran’s Day, I think about veterans. My thoughts do not start with myself and how I earned that free meal at Applebee’s. Along with a few doses of personal reality I am simultaneously sad and proud of the men and women serving past, present and future. No matter your stance on the foreign policy of the United States, the sacrifices are undeniable. The individuals who have served and their families have made sacrifices.

Beauty Dictionary: What is a face primer

I’ll be starting a little mini series about going deeper into certain makeup items or trends. I understand that not everyone may know what a contour is or how to highlight. So for a few weeks I’ll be talking about face basics. Today I’ll be introducing you to the world(s) of primer.

Beauty Blog: Halloween transformation

I hope everyone had a happy Halloween. For this week, I did this make-up transformation on Arts and Culture Editor and my good friend Jessica who went as Vanellope from Wreck It Ralph for the Trunk-or-Treat this past Tuesday.

Opinion: Balancing class and internships

Internships are extremely valuable. They help you learn more about your professional field, build your network, and teach you how to work in a professional environment. However, it can be very tricky to try to balance an internship with a difficult class schedule.