Recipe: Halloween candy bark


October has arrived, and Halloween festivities are already beginning. Decorations are up, costumes are out, and seasonal candy is everywhere. This Halloween bark is a great way to combine traditional Halloween candy and festive colors to make a deliciously sweet treat to share with friends this fall.



1 lb vanilla candy coating

1 1/2 sleeves of Halloween Oreo cookies (broken in small pieces)

1/2 cup candy corn

1/2 cup Reese’s Pieces

1 tbsp butter

1 tbsp vegetable oil

Start by breaking up the candy coating and placing in a pot over the stove. Set the stove on low and stir periodically as the candy melts, making sure it does not burn. Once it is fully melted, add in the vegetable oil and melted butter and keep stirring.


Next, turn the burner off and add  2/3 of the broken Oreo pieces to the candy coating mixture and stir. The mixture will turn orange from the cookie cream.

Spread the mixture onto a cookie sheet, making it as thick as desired. Covering the cookie sheet with wax paper  makes for easier distribution and clean up.


Next, sprinkle the remaining Oreo pieces, candy corn and Reese’s Pieces onto the bark. Lightly press the pieces of candy that are more loose so that they do not fall off then the bark is cut and distributed.

Place the cookie sheet in the refrigerator for 30 minutes.

Slice the bark into pieces of any size and enjoy.

Try it out and let the TNJN staff know what you think by tweeting ingredient ideas, responses and pictures of your creations to @tnjn.

‘Bangerz’ revamps Miley Cyrus’s music career

Miley Cyrus sure has been reinventing herself recently.

In addition to the new hair and new style, she decided to refocus her music career by signing with RCA records and record her fourth studio album, “Bangerz,” which was released last week.

“Bangerz” has been highly anticipated because of what Miley has done herself to promote the revamping of her music career. Everyone saw or heard about her controversial VMA performance, where she got a little too comfortable with a foam finger and Robin Thicke. The performance debuted her new image to many who do not follow her closely. She also took part in an MTV documentary, “Miley: The Movement,” which followed her recording of “Bangerz” and her return to the music industry. The premiere of the show reeled in 1.6 million viewers and served as a great promotional tool for her album, which would come out a week later.

Miley’s new album really cannot be compared to anything she has done in the past. She described this new music as a mix of “dirty south hip-hop and country.” She worked with hip-hop producers Mike Will Made It, Mac Miller, Pharrell Williams, and Tyler the Creator to get a new hip-hop feel into her songs.

When Nathaniel Miller, a UT freshman, who is leaning toward a major in music, heard the album, he was surprised at what he heard.

“The music is a little weird, it’s a mix of country and rap, especially in the song ‘4×4.’ Not every song is the same; in some, she shows off her voice and in some, she’s more rapping,” Miller said. “I think she’s rebelling from Disney and who she was in the past. The album is really sexual. She is being original, which musicians need to do to stand out.”

Jamichael Knight, a UT freshman studying Kinesiology, also thought the album really stood out.

“The style was really different, but not bad. I think she’s trying to be controversial like Madonna,” Knight said. “I think the craziness of the album will make it successful. We see in the music world what’s usually considered overboard ends up being successful because people are drawn to controversy.”


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Top spots to eat, drink in Market Square

Autumn has arrived in East Tennessee and the heat and humidity are disappearing, making any time of day perfect for an outdoor dining experience. Market Square is a popular destination for open-air dining, offering enjoyable venues and menus from breakfast to cocktails in the fresh fall air.

Photo by Diana Barton
Photo by Diana Barton

9 AM Breakfast

For those who crave traditional, hearty breakfast dishes with an inventive twist, Tupelo Honey Cafe can satisfy those southern comfort cravings. The Cafe offers a classic, made-from-scratch breakfast menu infused with a spirited, down-home take such as the goat cheese grits that complement the fluffy sweet potato pancakes topped with pecans and peach butter.

Photo by Diana Barton

11 AM Brunch

When it comes to brunch, Cafe 4 knows how to hit the spot. With dishes varying from stuffed, fried french toast to lobster-bacon flatbread, this cafe does the transitional period between breakfast and lunch seamlessly. A seat on the patio and a personalized cup of  coffee from the barista are the perfect pair to accompany the versatile in-between meal this cafe does so well. 

Photo by Diana Barton
Photo by Diana Barton

12 PM Lunch

With fresh air, fresh food and a fresh take on Italian, Bella Luna offers a simple and modern lunch menu comprised of light Italian dishes that will please the palette. The Italian lunch buffet is open until 2 p.m. and features the daily chef’s selection of house-made pastas and salads. Other lunch menu items include flatbread pizzas and sandwiches designed perfectly for those who love the flavors of true Italian cuisine.

Photo by Diana Barton

7 PM Dinner

The heavenly aroma swirling around Tomato Head is likely a result of the day’s in-house preparation of home-made breads, dressings, cookies and desserts. The bistro offers an out-of-the-box pizza menu including combos such as goat cheese white pizza, gorgonzola and walnut white pizza, and lamb sausage and sun-dried tomato pizza. Burritos and quesadillas are also built from pleasingly creative ingredients such as hummus, mushrooms, walnuts and tofu.

Photo by Diana Barton

10 PM Cocktails

Out of the three bars on each floor of Preservation Pub, the Moonshine Roof Garden is the perfect spot on a breezy autumn night. This rooftop bar is under a canopy of lights and foliage garland, complete with old moonshiner memorabilia scattered throughout. With a wide selection of beer and cocktails, the Moonshine Roof Garden is a magical place to end the night, creating the ideal venue for creating memories.

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Campus Style: Chelsie Allen stuns in bright red romper

Chelsie Allen

A touch of pink and a pop of red makes Allen’s look stand out. 

Vital Stats:

Name: Chelsie Allen

Age: 18

Hometown: Memphis, TN

Major: Food and Science

What are you wearing? The red romper was from ASOS, earrings and clutch from H&M, oversized black bag by Lacoste and the sandals are Steve Madden’s.
Your lipstick is so unique! How did you choose that color? My lipstick is from Mac’s line for Nicki Minjai called Viva Glam. It’s very light but also gives a pop of color. I didn’t want to get too chaotic with mixing colors because red is very bold. I wanted to balance out the colors, so I chose Viva Glam as a neutral.
Describe your style in three words: Chic, classy and fly
If you could pick one thing that all college girls should have in their closet, what would it be? I think all girls should have a cute blazer. You can always dress up or down with them!
What inspires your style? I don’t really consider myself as having “style.”  I just put on clothes and start my day, but I love Kourtney Kardashian’s style!
How do you stay cute and comfy going to class? I think all my clothes are comfortable. I just make sure to dress according to the weather!

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Campus Style: Christy Cleger sports cheap fall finds

Christy Cleger

Vital Stats

Name: Christy Cleger

Age: 22

Major: Journalism & Electronic Media

Hometown: Fort Worth, Texas

What are you wearing? My shirt is from Karm, the little thrift shop on Kingston [Pike]. It was like $3! My jeans are burnt orange skinnies from Goodwill for $2 and Steve Madden wedges from Marti & Liz for $25. I’m all about the thrift!

Describe your style in 3 words: Hippy-ish, natural, rustic

Do you have any advice for dressing comfortably and stylishly? I stick with solids a lot because I think they’re versatile. You can dress [solids] up or dress it down. Prints add interest too. Scarves and boots are always good.

How do you make an outfit unique? The fact that I shop at thrift stores makes my outfits unique. I wear a lot of scarves a lot of different ways. I stack scarves and wear two at a time. I like that military look with boots and army jackets. There’s a way to make it look girly too.

Are there any trends you’re excited about for fall? All of the warm colors that are coming back in style like dark greens, oranges, purples. I like dark, rich colors and, of course, boots and scarves.

Follow Christy on Twitter (@ChristineCleger), Instagram (@christinecleger) and her blog.

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