Staff profiles: Trevor Lane

Trevor Lane is a Communication Studies major at the University of Tennessee. He has recently picked up a Journalism and Electronic Media minor. Trevor hopes to one day be a fashion editor for a magazine. His sights are set on a lesser known, independent magazine because he would like to grow with the magazine. This is opposed to working at a major publication like Vogue or Marie Claire.

In addition to fashion editing, Trevor would like to become an illustrator. He likes the ability to create any look or idea without the confines of reality. Many fashion stylists have to worry about funds or availability of merchandise in order to showcase them in a look. When illustrating, creativity is the only restriction to creating a look.


Staff profiles: Matthew Moon

Matthew Moon is a 32-year-old returning student at the University of Tennessee.  He was not very good at school the first time around in the late 90s, but he is embarrassing himself much less this time around.

Matt has been been married to the lovely Gina Moon for just over seven years.  They have no children because they prefer to keep what little extra time and money they have to themselves.

Matt currently spends most nights working in the kitchen at the Tomato Head restaurant, and the occasional day volunteering as a deejay at local radio station 90.3 The Rock.  In his (very limited) spare time, he enjoys reading and trail-running.

Staff profiles: Megan Gutgsell

Megan Gutgsell is a 23-year-old senior Journalism and Electronics Media major at the University of Tennessee. Megan was born and raised in San Francisco, California. She has a degree in Communications from Arizona State and is in Knoxville for a second Bachelor’s degree.

Megan is interested in the entertainment aspect of journalism and will be writing for the arts and culture section. She became interested in journalism from watching different dynamics of the career growing up. Megan has also had previous internships with a music production company as well as a website.