July 20, 2024


Economics Club collaborates with organizations to create Fort Box

The UT Economics Clubs teamed up with other UT organizations--including UT Recycling--in order to create a Power T "Fort Box" in Pedestrian Mall on Friday, February 21, as a visual representation of the national debt and economics. UT is one of the twenty-five universities whose Economics Club partook in the Up to Us campaign--a campaign which raises awareness to students about the uprising national debt and how it will affect us in the future. Up to Us club members such as Kayla McMurry and Carly Frensley put together an event in which students would come and create a Power T with over 5,000 cardboard boxes, representing the $17 trillion national debt. Both Ken Baker (senior lecturer) and Benjamin Compton (lecturer in the economics department) agree that it is important for the students' generation to understand economically what is going on, and are impressed by the Up to UTK's efforts to raise awareness to the national debt crisis.