April 24, 2024

Preview: Knoxville celebrates Pi Day

Discounts, numbers and pie! Local restaurants and bakeries celebrate Pi Day by offering discounts in the form of a mathematical constant.

Since 1988, the mathematical constant Pi has been celebrated and observed on a national scale. What started out as a group of individuals marching in a circle at an exploratorium and consuming fruit pies, has now turned into shops and bakeries offering special deals in the form of Pi. In previous years, Pi Day has been held on 3.14 as these are the first 3 digits of Archimedes’ constant.

On March 14, select Knoxville restaurants and bakeries will celebrate Pi Day by offering discounted treats to their customers.

These are the shops that are participating.

Fired up and ready for Pi Day

All Blaze Pizza Knoxville locations are offering a Pi Day Special. This special includes one 11-inch pizza per person for $3.14 when ordered through the app. The deal starts after 3:14 p.m. local time and will end at 10:30 p.m.

Pie for the young and pie for the old 

MagPies Bakery on North Central St. will be having a Pi Day deal and for attendees 21 and over, a St. Patrick’s day deal. For Pi Day, they will have $3.14 slices of pie and for St. Patrick’s day, they will have $4 slices of boozy pie. They have 13 different flavor pies to choose from, three of which are only available seasonally.

Pizza Pie, dessert pie, mathematical Pi; it’s all about the pie

In celebration of Pi Day, VG’s Bakery is bringing back Pizza Pies for this event only. They will have three gourmet pizza flavors, and several deep-dish dessert pies. The pies will be $3.14 a slice, $10 for a 6 or $27 for a 9. In order to partake in this deal, all orders must be placed by 6 p.m. on March 11 and picked up on Friday and Saturday.

Whether you love Pi or hate Pi, this pie is for a good cause

Buttermilk Sky Pie Shop on Turkey Creek will be offering their 4-inch mini pies to customers for $3.14. Also, the shop has introduced two new flavors this month: lemon and banana cream. A portion of the banana cream pie proceeds will go towards the Isaiah 117 House, which supports children awaiting foster care placement.

Pi day is going to be large

Papa Murphy’s on Brooklawn Street in Knoxville will be celebrating by offering their customers one large one-topping pizza for $3.14 on Saturday.


Edited by Gracie-Lee Strange and Grace Goodacre 

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