May 18, 2024

Students get a taste of Japan

Global awareness spreads by way of green tea and KitKats

The International House cultural coffeehouse series continued with featured country Japan on April 11.

Exchange student Haruna explained this coffeehouse offered four snacks Japanese natives consume on a daily basis: sweet bean cake with whipped cream, two types of rice crackers and Green Tea KitKats.

“We have YAMAMOTOYAMA Green Tea Sushi Bar Style, and in Japan, anytime we have sushi, we will have this specific green tea with it. It is a favorite,” Haruna said.

In the spirit of a coffeehouse, they also served a darker tea called Hoji Cha, which is a roasted green tea.

While students learned a little about Japan, Haruna connected with American culture.

“I am from Tokyo, Japan, and I came to UT because I know people who went on exchange last year, and they said the people in Knoxville are so kind,” Haruna said. “There are not a lot of Japanese people here, so it is a good opportunity for me to learn about a new culture.”

Some students enjoyed the cultural experience while earning credit for the 1794 Honors Program. UT freshman JoAnna Martin hopes to become more globally aware through such experiences.

“I have never had this kind of food before so it is definitely experience,” Martin said. “I love the way all of it smells, and I think it will help me be culturally well-rounded.”

The I-House coffee series continues every Wednesday in the Mary Greer room of Hodges Library.


Featured photo: Kaitlyn Marlow

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