February 24, 2024

Club Week: Short Films Club helps students gain experience in film industry

In our third feature for Club Week, Adrian Godboldt gives an inside look into the Short Film Club. This club allows students to take part in every process of creating a short film.

In the Short Films Club, members surround themselves with others who take joy in watching and producing films. This club can be used to gain more experience in the film industry, or just furthering your hobby.

This past weekend, the Short Films Club kicked off the semester and finished the filming of Josh Deepan’s project, “The Cover.” The members of the club each took roles in various portions of creating this short film.

“I like films a lot,” said Derick Samayoa, the treasurer of the club. “It’s an insider look [into the production of films], and it makes me appreciate film a lot more.”

The Short Films Club was under threat of being disbanded in the Spring of 2016 when Deepan picked up the presidency of the club. It’s been a difficult start for Deepan.

“I must say I was overwhelmed having to learn the rules and regulations of running a club, but with their [other officers of the club] help and a bit of persistence it’s become quite successful,” said Deepan.

Despite the rocky beginning, the club is on top with an increase in members and club projects.

“…It’s fun meeting friends and doing the shoots on weekends, I think its super fun and I’m liking it,” Kate Cannon, the Public Relations manager, said.

There are a variety of positions students can take in the Short Films Club. Students can write, direct or work as crew doing various tasks on set. All of the positions aren’t exclusive as anyone within the Short Films Club can write a script, direct for the next project or take part of crew to help produce the film.

It’s not hard to dive into the club. It’s a learning experience, where students can gain knowledge with any workings with lighting, sound or camera work. There are even programs during meetings to help, such as a writing workshop.

With a bright future ahead of itself, the Short Films Club will be a home for Volunteers who have a love for film.

“I’d like it to be in a strong place when I leave at the end of the spring, because I’m a senior,” Deepan said. “I think it should be in good hands, there are a lot of people who will recruit for me, and as long as people have good communication and coordination with setting things up, then the club should be in good shape, you just have to really want it.”

If you’re interested in joining the Short Films Club, they meet every Tuesday at 7 p.m. in HSS-56. You can also email Deepan at shortfilmsclubutk@gmail.com for more information.

Edited by Kaitlin Flippo

Featured Image by Adrian Godboldt

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