Reese Hall residents celebrate ‘Reese’s 50th Birthday’

Reese Hall Resident Association puts on a program in celebration of the fifty year old building.

On Wednesday Nov. 30, Reese Hall Resident Association hosted a birthday party in honor of the aging building. All of the residents were invited and many were in attendance. There were numerous activities for everyone to enjoy as well as a very large cake.

At the event, some of the activities included were water pong, polaroid photo booth, pin the football on Josh Dobbs, RA trivia and hand printing on the basement walls. For each game, there were different prizes for the winners including a Reese Hall t-shirt. Attendees expressed that they enjoyed the opportunity to leave their handprint and signature on the wall. There were also many snacks such as cake, jello cups, assorted candies, soda and fruit punch. A piñata provided many treats, as well, and made the party seem like a true birthday celebration.

A.J. Schroder, president of RHRA, was in charge of the RA trivia. “It was fun learning about the resident assistants of Reese and helping the residents to get to know them more,” he said. “This game was a big hit at the program.”

Reese Hall is closing this December and residents will be moving in to Stokely Hall in the Spring. This was the last event ever to celebrate the building and leave life long memories for its residents.

Numerous residents expressed that this program was a great study break and one of the best programs they have been to this semester.

Resident hall councils and resident assistants put on monthly programs for students living on campus to participate in. Whether it be educational, arts and crafts or just free food, they are meant to be a way to bring students together. Programs are also a way for residents to become more comfortable with the university and their home on campus.

To learn more about Reese Hall and resident events, visit the Reese Hall Residents Association website.

Featured Image by Jada Blackwell

Edited by Katy Hill


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