May 21, 2024

Protesters take to the streets to “Free the Nipple”

Protesters marched downtown Knoxville on Saturday protesting to “Free the Nipple.”

On Saturday, Nov. 12, both men and women lined the streets of downtown Knoxville protesting to “Free the Nipple”, with the aim of the protest to instill change and raise awareness in an area where men and women are still facing inequality.

“Women’s breasts are so over-sexualized, when in fact they are just necessary parts of the body for child care and breast feeding,” protester Martie Knox said. “Breastfeeding in public should be allowed because it is a natural and normal part of the human life.”

The protesters took to the streets with various sign and chants, fighting for women’s rights to “free the nipple.” Some protesters were dressed in little to no clothing and some women were breastfeeding while marching, in hopes to raise awareness and make a difference.

The protesters argued that women should be able to do all that men can do. Protesters said if it is a hot day and a man has his shirt off, then a woman should be able to do the same without feeling uncomfortable or being scrutinized.

“This is about being a feminist in general, [as women] we have come a long way; but, we have such a long way to go,” Mary Hinson, a woman protesting with her child, said.

Protesters expressed passion for change and said that there are still many gaps between men and women. They said that in today’s generation that is not right and is why they take such a firm stance in what they believe in.

“If a male can do one thing, then [women] should be able to do that exact same thing. That is what equality means to me,” Joey Laggis, another protestor, said.
The mission of this group of people is to advocate for a simple cause: the fair treatment of women and men.

To learn more about the “Free the Nipple” movement, visit their website.

Featured image by Kelly Fallon

Edited by Kaitlin Flippo

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