February 27, 2024

Opinion: How to watch the NBA All-Star Game on Valentine’s Day

This year’s NBA All-Star Game happens to fall on Valentine’s Day. Here are some ways to watch the game without getting kicked out of the house.

Photo by Keith Allison, courtesy of creativecommons.org. No changes made.

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This year, the NBA’s annual “No Defense Showcase,” also known as its All-Star Game, is going to be televised on Valentine’s Day. As a rabid basketball fan, you tune in every year to watch the most gifted athletes in the world jog up and down a court, just to throw down uncontested dunks and jack up ridiculously deep three point shots. No matter how into your significant other you are, you are committed to watching this game one way or another. Here are a few suggestions on how to do that without finding yourself in the doghouse.

Watch the game with her

If she’s a sports fan, she’ll love it. If she’s not a sports fan, this will be quite a bit harder, but not impossible. Tell her before Valentine’s Day that you are so passionate about basketball and her that you want to share the experience of watching the game with her. Communication is vital because she won’t be happy if you spring it on her last minute that you want to watch a game on a day that’s supposed to be all about her. The key is to not make this the main event of the night. Plan to make it up to her before the game, as well as after. Shell out some extra money on the gifts that you give her earlier in the day, and don’t be cheap about your date after the game.

Go to a restaurant with a TV

This one is kind of tricky if you don’t have good peripheral vision, because you won’t hear the end of it if you go on a date and stare at a screen across the room the whole time. It also takes a little strategy in order to get a table that’s at the right angle to view the game, but make it look like you’re not looking at the game. This is the highest risk/lowest reward option available, as you won’t be able to fully enjoy the game and you are also in constant danger of getting caught ignoring your date.

Make an excuse

As everybody knows, all great relationships are built on a foundation of deception. That’s a saying, right? Either way, it’s just a white lie and you’ll be able to watch the game in the peace and quiet of your room. Everything could go great, and you might even save a few bucks not taking your girl on a date. After all, you couldn’t take her out because you had to take care of a sick relative, save a baby from a burning building, or whatever bad excuse you made to get out of your Valentine’s Day responsibilities. However, this will probably all blow up in your face when you get tangled in your web of lies, and you will be single again as the result of an annual exhibition game.

Give up and move on

It is easy to forget that this game is meaningless, and that everyone there is both trying to show off and not get hurt. True basketball fans know that the real fun is the Saturday night events like the dunk contest. If you are really that bent on watching the game, someone probably recorded it to put on YouTube for the world to see the next day. If the girl is worth your time, you most likely will have no problem putting aside your ridiculous crusade to watch this game and give her a great day to show her just how special she is to you.

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