June 15, 2024

Opinion: Black Friday brings the most savings after turkey day

Is it better to go out on Black Friday or shop online on Cyber Monday?

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Is it better to go out on Black Friday or shop online on Cyber Monday?

According to a Fox News article, nearly 45 percent of consumers will make purchases on Black Friday and 47 percent will shop on Cyber Monday. This statistic says nothing about how much money Americans save from shopping on either day. Some people like to go shopping on Black Friday because it seems “traditional” whereas Cyber Monday is relatively new with the introduction of online shopping.

Americans may wait for Cyber Monday because there are less people to be around and better deals online. However, online items tend to go out-of-stock quickly. You have to be quick on Cyber Monday and purchase items before they go out-of-stock, while on Black Friday, people may not need to worry as much about things being out-of-stock, depending on where you’re shopping.

With all this information in mind, it may seem hard to choose which method of holiday shopping benefits your wallet the most. If you pay enough attention to deals offered by retailers, you could have a very successful holiday shopping season.

The possibility of getting trampled by a stampede of shoppers may make you hesitate to step foot into a store on Black Friday, but that shouldn’t stop you. There have been several deaths as a result of crazed shoppers on this day, but the likelihood of you being trampled by shoppers is slim to none. So, take a chance this year if you’re hesitant to go out.

Before you decide on which day to shop, I think you should do extensive research. It benefits you more when you know exactly what you want and exactly how much you’ll save. But if I were to choose a day that has given me the most savings, I would have to choose Black Friday.

I think that if you want to get out of the house after a serious turkey feast then, you should shop on Black Friday. A benefit to do your holiday shopping on Black Friday is clearly all of the money you will save. For many people, it’s a stressful time trying to figure out how much you can afford to spend on your loved ones. If you play your cards right and work your way around the crowd, you can manage to get exactly what you need to finish your holiday checklist.

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