May 19, 2024

Tennessee soccer’s tying streak continues at Vanderbilt

After Sunday night’s game at Vanderbilt’s soccer and lacrosse complex, Tennessee still was unable to get past tying their opponents.

Photo by Wade Rackley.

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After Sunday night’s game at Vanderbilt’s soccer and lacrosse complex, Tennessee still was unable to get past tying their opponents. After coming off a 0-0 tie at Mississippi State, the Vols couldn’t break the trend, ending 1-1 after double overtime against the Vanderbilt Commodores.

For most of the first half, Tennessee was unable to gain possession of the ball, providing the Commodores with multiple opportunities to take the ball to the goal. Tennessee spent most of their time kicking the ball without an ending destination in mind and had a difficult time settling the ball in the air.

Vanderbilt was unable to take advantage of their time of possession, free kicks, breakaways and two corner kicks in the first half, leaving both teams with no score by the end of the half.

When the second half started, Tennessee came out on fire. In the 46th minute, Katie Cousins was able to drive the ball, hitting it off the goalpost and into the goal for the first score of the game and her first college goal.

However, this momentum did not last long for the Vols. As the half continued, Tennessee’s increase in fouls and lack of possession allowed Vanderbilt to control the momentum of the game. In the 74th minute, Jamie Kator was able to score off a free kick right outside the 18-yard box, tying the game up at 1-1.

From this point forward, momentum had shifted toward the Commodores, keeping Tennessee on their toes for the rest of the game. After narrowly holding the Commodores off in the second half due to a quick, punching save by Julie Eckel, Tennessee was able to take the game through double overtime without allowing Vanderbilt to come close to scoring again.

Although Tennessee held on throughout the match, their inability to possess the ball almost cost them the game. Tennessee will be looking to get their possession under control before their home game against Georgia on Friday, Oct. 2.

Featured image by Wade Rackley

Edited by Cody McClure

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