June 12, 2021

UT Cinema Club to explore cult classics this semester

The UT Cinema Club is known for showing unique indie films throughout the semester. In the past, their screenings have focused on animated films, American cinema and films of the 21st century. This semester, the Cinema Club is going to showcase films of a different variety: cult classics.

“We plan to spotlight classic midnight movies, exploitation and modern grindhouse cinema, B movies and modern cult films,” Cinema Club President Nathan Smith said.

“We have some interesting films lined up to fit with that theme,” added Jessy Alva, Cinema Club vice president.

The choice to feature such films was decided on by the executive board.

“Each semester we try to work with a theme to help frame what types of films we’ll be exploring throughout the year,” Alva said. “This definitely helps on the executive board’s end to compile a list of movies that the viewers can vote on and also seems to attract people interested in certain types of films.”

While cult classics might not always be well reviewed, the Cinema Club sees their importance in modern culture.

“We felt it was important to showcase films throughout cinematic history that have gained dedicated, and sometimes obsessive, followings and then reflect on what those films and their followings say about our culture,” Smith said.

The Cinema Club will show “Mad Max: The Road Warrior” as their first film of the semester on Monday, Aug. 24 at 7 p.m. in the Art and Architecture building room 111.

The screening is free and all students are welcome to attend.

“At its basis, Cinema Club is about watching movies and having fun,”Alva said. “We just want to be a way for movie lovers to find each other and talk about movies.”

All UT Cinema Club screenings throughout the semester will be held Mondays at 7 p.m. in Art and Architecture 111.

You can follow them on their Twitter and Facebook pages for more details.

Featured image created by John McAmis, UT Cinema Club

Edited by Jessica Carr 

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