May 27, 2024

International House movie screening brings awareness to global women’s issues

The International House held a screening of the documentary Half the Sky Friday, April 17.

Poster for Half the Sky screening and Global Issues Conference outside of Hodges Library

Every 15 seconds, a woman is assaulted in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

As part of it’s first Global Issues Conference, the University of Tennessee’s International House held a screening of the documentary “Half the Sky” Friday, April 17.

The documentary, based off a book by Sheryl WuDunn and Nicholas Kristof, is a four-hour documentary that travels to 10 countries where women and girls as young as 2 months are the victims of crimes such as rape and assault, and are being denied education.  The film follows Kristof and celebrity advocates, including Eva Mendes and Gabrielle Union, as they travel to these countries trying to raise awareness and make a difference.

Lauren Longino, a coordinator at the International House, said it was important to include the documentary as part of the conference so that people could see some of the issues these women face first hand.

“I think that in East Tennessee it’s very easy to stay kind of in this little bubble and never experience what’s going on in the rest of the world and a lot of the issues that people are dealing with,” she said. “I think this film is a really good way to, without having to pay for a plane ticket, really feel like you’re experiencing these issues and learn more about them and then decide what you’re going to do about it.”

Catherine Harrison, a junior in Political Science and Economics, said that this was not the first time she had seen the film but it still had an effect on her.

“It does affect you just seeing the oppression that women face on a daily basis in different societies,” said Harrison. “I think being an American we take our liberties from granted.”

Harrison continued to say that educating people about these issues is one step closer to resolving them.

“People really should just be aware of the issues that women face across the world,” she said. “I think if you’re not aware you can’t really combat it so I think that’s the whole point of this film.”

Edited by Courtney Anderson

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