Czech reporter finds success through social media

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Horký speaks during a live report from the Office of the Government.

“I’m very lucky,” said Czech TV reporter Filip Horký.

Horký, who chose not to attend a university after graduation, was fortunate enough to find his place at Czech TV via Facebook.

“I just found one presenter of news at Facebook, and I sent a Facebook message: ‘I wanna be like you in the future,” said Horký.

The reporter recognized Horký’s potential from reading the sports blog that he kept and spread the word. Ultimately, Czech TV offered him an internship.

In the beginning, Horký’s duties consisted of small jobs.

“I was just writing all the time code ‘one, one, zero, nine,’ there is an important thing or he scored a goal. Or he made a really big hit. That was my job.”

But as time progressed, he was promoted from his junior position to one with more responsibility. Horký even had the opportunity to see firsthand reporting of the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Horký updates followers during a press conference
Horký updates followers during a press conference.

As his superiors observed his talents off screen, they decided to give him a chance onscreen. Horký was offered the job of field reporter on the political beat.

This new opportunity came at a perfect time as Horký said that he was ready to move forward with his career.

Now five years into his job with Czech TV, Horký spends nearly every weekday and many weekends out in the field to keep the Czech Republic informed.

When asked if journalism is what he sees himself doing for the rest of his life, Horký had a brief, but hopeful response.

“I really hope so, but we will see.”

Edited by Maggie Jones


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