June 15, 2021

Modern Foreign Languages and Literatures sponsor mini world cup

Modern Foreign Languages and Literatures is sponsoring a mini world cup soccer tournament this Wednesday at the Regal Soccer Stadium.

The second annual Modern and Foreign Languages and Literatures Soccer Tournament is being held on Wednesday, April 9 at the Regal Soccer Stadium from 4-6 p.m. The teams will represent nine languages: Spanish, Italian, German, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Arabic, French and Portuguese.

The event is open to the public and free with plenty of available parking around the stadium.

In 2013 the University of Tennessee’s Italian Club put on the first MFLL soccer mini world cup representing 8 different cultures. Renee D’Elia-Zunino, Senior Lecturer in Italian Studies, said “this was a wonderful way to reach out to the University community and the Knoxvillian community at large to show our spirit of friendship and unity, within a very diverse environment.”

D’Elia-Zunino said there was much participation and support from the surrounding community. “We, as a department, are very proud of this event, and we are thrilled that students come together from such different cultures and backgrounds to join in harmony for the love of a sport.”

Each team will be composed of eight players on the field with a maximum of eight substitutes. At least two girls must be on the field for each team during the games. The French and Arabic players will be playing on the same team to balance the teams. When the winning team is determined, a trophy and prizes will be awarded.

“The soccer tournament has created a spirit that was unknown to our MFLL department before,” said Annachiara Mariani, Lecturer of Italian and Spanish. “The event united our enthusiasm and our different personalities creating a magical atmosphere during the three hour long tournament.”

This year’s event is organized by Laurent Zunino, UT French Instructor.


Edited by Nichole Stevens 

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