July 17, 2024

SGA: Keny-Dugosh wins president positions, Davis takes Trustee vote

Kelsey Keny, of Keny-Dugosh, will serve as president of the Student Government Association for the 2014-2015 academic year. Keny’s running mate Connor Dugosh will serve as vice president.

Independent Grant Davis won the student vote for Board of Trustees representative. Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam will ultimately choose the student representative but will take the student vote into consideration before making his decision.

Katelyn Hadder, of We Are UT, will take over Davis’ current position as Student Services Director.

SGA Executive Officers

President: Kelsey Keny 1,679 votes

Vice President: Connor Dugosh 1,735 votes

Student Services Director: Katelyn Hadder 2,168 votes

Board of Trustees Representative: Grant Davis 1,535 votes

Graduate Student Senate

President: Jessica Welch 200 votes

Vice President: Jeremy Auerback 224 votes

On-Campus Senators

Apartment Hall Senate

Diana Howell, We Are UT 76 votes

Patrick Darby, Keny-Dugosh 70 votes

Fraternity Park

Fuller Edwards, We Are UT 43 votes

Alex Clark, We Are UT 39 votes

Hess Hall

Blake Tate, We Are UT 139 votes

Humes Hall

Ty Wallen, We Are UT 121 votes

Laurel Apartments

Ellie McCain, Keny-Dugosh 137 votes

Ty Murray, We Are UT 91 votes

North Carrick Hall

Jacob Travis, Keny-Dugosh 2 votes

Reese Hall

Troy N. Gaylon 74 votes

Sorority Village

Jennings Hardee, Keny-Dugosh 153 votes

Hannah Simpson, We Are UT 105 votes

Volunteer Hall

Andrew McNicholas, Keny-Dugosh 101 votes

Santiago Morrice, We Are UT 87 votes

Blake Roller, We Are UT 83 votes

Off-Campus Senators

Kenan Smith, Keny-Dugosh 1126 votes

Timothy Livingston, Keny-Dugosh 1068 votes

Jack Noonan, We Are UT 1011 votes

Nick Bellenfant, We Are UT 986 votes

Sarah Schulze, We Are UT 958 votes

White Emerson, We Are UT 950 votes

Yasin Kanarieh, We Are UT 924 votes

Will Check, We Are UT 923 votes

Korban Taylor Niehaus, We Are UT 902 votes

Weston Bell 898 votes

Phillip Kyker, We Are UT 890 votes

Nicholas K. Rhodes, We Are UT 888 votes

Jared Bruhin, Davis for Trustee 110 votes

Sherilyn Hammonds, We Are UT 100 votes


More details to come as they develop.