May 23, 2024

Annaya Moore is a 19 year- old second year student at the University of Tennessee. She is originally from Chicago, Illinois. She spent her freshmen year at Troy University which was a huge culture shock for her since she is use to the fast pace and always on the go attitude of the north. Annaya is a former basketball player that came from number one nationally ranked high school Bolingbrook. She graduated along with eight division one players that are currently at big time schools such as UConn, U of I, Auburn, and your very own UT. Along with those eight girls is Annaya’s fraternal twin sister Nia Moore that is currently a Lady Volunteer under head Coach Holly Warlick. Even though Annaya was a top recruit coming out of high school,  she suffered a career ending injury in both feet called a lisfranc sprain. It is when the ligaments in your feet spread with constant and intense physical activity.

Thankfully Annaya is very diverse and has always been very successful academically. With that being said, she is majoring in Journalism and Electronic Media, and hopes to pursue Sports Broadcast Journalism in the near future. When Annaya is not working as a manager for the Lady Volunteers she enjoys traveling, shopping, swimming,experiencing new things, and any sort of physical activity. Annaya is also an older sister to three younger brothers of the ages sixteen,eleven, and six. Annaya is very excited to be apart of this department and experiencing all that is to come.

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