Beauty Blog: Organizing your makeup

A new year means new resolutions. If one of your resolutions is to be more organized, then look no further than this post. Well, at least for makeup that is. This is a system that I have used since freshman year of college, and have adjusted over the semesters.

Beauty Blog: Two makeup looks for Thanksgiving

I’ll be doing two Thanksgiving looks for today. Feel free to come back to this post on Thanksgiving day to recreate either of these looks. I’ll be focusing on eyes, because I personally always have trouble on what to do, I created a simple look, for maybe a family event or if you just want to go simplistic.

Beauty Dictionary: What is a face primer

I’ll be starting a little mini series about going deeper into certain makeup items or trends. I understand that not everyone may know what a contour is or how to highlight. So for a few weeks I’ll be talking about face basics. Today I’ll be introducing you to the world(s) of primer.

Beauty Blog: Halloween transformation

I hope everyone had a happy Halloween. For this week, I did this make-up transformation on Arts and Culture Editor and my good friend Jessica who went as Vanellope from Wreck It Ralph for the Trunk-or-Treat this past Tuesday.

Beauty Blog: Easy winged eyeliner technique

Today I’ll be showing you how to do winged liner, with easy mode on. This fall (and about every fall prior) it’s all about the dark smokey eyes accompanied by the winged liner. It’s a trial and error thing when doing winged liner correctly, so don’t worry.