College Sports Revenue


Amateurism is quickly becoming the most understated word in collegiate sports. That’s because by now most people know better. Collegiate athletics has the ability to give an institution millions of dollars in revenue, while making their name and brand more popular. For instance did you know, that a school that wins the NCAA men’s basketball tournament receives an average increase in applications by 10% (Glatter, Hayley;2017. The Atlantic, The March Madness Application Bump)? Doing well in athletics, means flourishing in revenue stream…… and schools know it. That is why the pressure is so high to win, and it’s why some college coaches are paid so handsomely well. For example the SEC arguably the toughest football conference, owns 9 of the top 25 highest paid football coaches in the country, the conference only has 14 schools! Nick Saban, who coaches in the SEC for Alabama is the nations highest paid coach at $11 million, while Butch Jones was the nations 20th highest paid coach, Tennessee pays him $4.1 million annually.

The SEC has a zero tolerance for losing, that is why in the 14 team conference 6 of the schools are currently replacing their football coaches. All 6 schools except for one (Mississipi State) fired their head coaches, because of disappointing regular season results. The story that strikes closets to home, is Tennessee’s Butch Jones. Jones was fired after a 51-17 loss to Mizzou which left the Volunteers 4-6 overall and 0-6 in the SEC. Much of the fan base questioned why Jones wasn’t let go after the humiliating loss to Georgia, but rumors swirled it was Jones contract that saved him. Fans speculated the school did not want to buy Jones out of his contract for $9 million. The people that believed these rumors were enraged, after all Tennessee has money to spend, and a lot of it. We know this because Tennessee’s athletic Director, John Currie recently laid out plans to renovate Neyland at all small cost of 300 million. On top of that UT is constantly in the top 10 colleges for athletic revenue! (Strange, Mike; 2017. USA Today, University of Tennessee top 10 nationally in sports budget) so….. they got money.

Because of the monster revenue athletics brings to school, sometimes athletics is treated as business. Players may illegally receive money, to come play for a certain school, salaries for coaches are at an all time high, and of course the possibility for these athletes to go professional. Schools pay top dollar, to make sure they have a state of the art facility, anything for that competitive edge. A review from the Washington Post was conducted in 2014, on how much the athletic departments at 48 schools, from the 5 wealthiest conferences in college sports spend on their facilities. These 48 schools reported spending a combined $772 million on athletic facilities, up 89% from 2004. For an example that hits close to home, the University of Tennessee finished the new Anderson Athletic center in 2013, that is reported to have cost the school $45 million.


In some places winning is everything, just look at Miami’s Mark Richt, he was fired at Georgia, after going 10-3! Let me say that again 10-3! Most schools would be throwing millions at Richt to stay there, not Georgia. The worst part, it doesn’t seem to be stopping any time soon. With schools receiving Nike deals, Adidas deals, TV deals, etc. college revenue will only continue to steadily raise, after all it was just last year that UCLA received a $280 million deal from Under Armor to become the school’s apparel sponsorship. The Under Armor deal is reported as the largest deal in college sports history.


It’s really quite amazing how much money college athletics generates, when you realize only two sports in the institution actually generate a surplus in money. Basketball and football, baseball I believe has the potential to make a lot of money, but that’s years away. Unfortunately the intitutions other sports, soccer, gymnastics, volleyball do not receive very much attention from fans and boosters alike, and that shows in a lot of ways. The first things you notice about the other sports, is they do not receive nearly the same attention from the media as football and basketball. No tabloids come out about soccer, and gymnastic is never televised. Another thing you noticed is coaches in the other sports are not nearly paid as well. Revenue in college sports…….. it’s a business.



Titans VS Eagles preview

For this week’s game between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Tennessee Titans, we’ll look at the three matchups that will determine who will win the game.

Quarterbacks: For once is looks like Titans QB Z. Mettenberger won’t be the worst quarterback in the game. That honor will go to Mark Sanchez, who is coming off one of his worst games as a professional, and trust me he has a lot. At one point against last week’s opponent the Eagles were down 53-13 and Sanchez had thrown two picks. Z. Mettenberger on the other hand has performed fairly well having a 62% completion percentage, while limiting his turnovers with only four interceptions on the season.

Advantage: Even though Z. Mettenberger is only making his fourth career start and it’s an away game, you know he won’t butt fumble, so…… Titans get the edge here

Eagles D-Line VS Titans O-Line: Connor Barwin is a beast, on a hot streak with 8 ½ sacks in his last three home games with already 10.5 sacks and 37 tackles this season for the Eagles. He leads a defense which is ranked second in the NFL with 33 sacks.  The Titans O-line meanwhile didn’t give up a sack last game.

Advantage: The Eagles are just a cut above the Titans in this matchup.

Titan’s CBs vs Eagles WRs: The Eagles have a good receiving core with Jordan Matthews (558 yards on 44 catches) and Jeremy Maclin (921 yards on 57 catches). The Titans with Jason McCourty will have their hands full. Mccourty is coming off a game where he limited Antonio Brown to under 100 yards receiving, and he himself had an interception, that led to a touchdown.

Advantage: The Eagles have too many receiving threats on the outside, that’ll make it tough to cover everyone, and the Eagles should get a W in this category.

Prediction: Even with the Titans best receiving threat Delanie Walker coming back for this game, I’m still going with the Eagles to win by double digits. Trust me I thought about this for a long time, it’s awfully hard to choose Mark Sanchez to win any game, but it’s not every game you face the lowly Titans.

Edited by Will Lomas

Opinion: It isn’t easy being Justin Worley

Now that everyone is aboard the Josh Dobbs bandwagon, and Justin Worley’s career has come down to coaching on the sidelines during his final year of NCAA eligibility, it’s time to evaluate his career as a Volunteer.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to Worley, who’s overcome so many struggles in his four years here that his career started as quickly as it finished. To Worley’s credit he never complained, he never complained when he had three new head coaches in his four years, and each coach made him learn a new offensive system on the fly. He never complained when he was the backup to future NFL quarterback Tyler Bray, and he never complained when he was given arguably one of the worst offensive lines in college football.

Worley’s senior year picked up right where his junior year left off, with an injury. What makes this year different are the results. Last year after Worley went down, and Dobbs wasn’t nearly the quarterback he is this year. Last year against Mizzou, you might remember with Worley out Dobbs started and well the results speak for themselves, a 31-3 butt whooping. Now everything is different Dobbs is looking like the next Heisman front runner, the running game has improved, the offensive line has performed better with a mobile quarterback and most importantly it looks like Butch Jones has the team going bowling.

I can’t help feel a little sorry for Worley, I know most Tennessee fans will say good riddance, but picture this Worley starts four years, he had sustainability in his playbook and a head coach, and his offensive line was better, too pie in the sky? Cheer up Worley maybe your career is in coaching, and it’s not filled with so many headaches, after-all it looks like he’s well on his way to that profession, with Butch Jones saying ‘“now he goes from player Worley to Coach Worley.”

Edited by Will Lomas

Titans vs Ravens recap

How the game was won

Baltimore proved to be much more efficient in the running game, as the Ravens led by J Forsett, (112 yards on 20 carries and two touchdowns), spearheaded the teams strong running game. The Ravens finished the game with 153 yards running on only 31 carries, good for almost a five yard average. Joe Flacco also had a productive game for the Ravens, finishing with a touchdown and no turnovers, while stretching the defense by completing passes to 6 different recievers. Terrell Suggs and Elvis Dumervil got after the Titans rookie QB Zach Mettenburger and combined to have four of the team’s five sacks.

Mettenburger was making just his second career start, and first game away and it showed. Mettenburger failed to move the chains and score effectively, producing only seven points. It also didn’t help that a lack of separation from the wide outs led to no receiver having over 53 yards receiving. Mettenburger should catches some slack, because the running game didn’t help him either, producing only 67 yards on 22 carries (3.0 avg).

What’s up next

Next week the Titans stay at home for a primetime matchup against the Steelers on Monday night. The Ravens meanwhile, get to enjoy a bye week, before they are on the road to play the New Orleans Saints on Monday night.

Edited by Will Lomas

Titans and Ravens Preview

For the Titans and Ravens preview, there are three matchups that should dictate who wins this game.

Zach Mettenburger vs Ravens Defense

Metternburger is making his 2nd career start and first away from home. The rookie played well last week, when he nearly had a 300 yard game, with 2 touchdowns. The Ravens meanwhile aren’t the same ball hawking defense they used to be, their passing defense ranks 26th in the league, along with only five interceptions and 20 sacks. This matchup will be determined by how well Mettenburger used his bye week.

Advantage: John Harbaugh won’t let a rookie quarterback solve his defense in only his second career game. Baltimore’s defense wins this matchup. NFL

Titans Defensive Line vs Baltimore’s Offensive Line

This is a strength vs strength matchup. The Titans have 14 different players with sacks, (1st in NFL). In total the Titans defense has 23 sacks (9th in the NFL). In the Raven’s last game they gave up four sacks to the Steelers. That won’t likely happen again as the Ravens have only given up 13 sacks on the season, (6th in the NFL).

Advantage- The Titans lack of a true elite pass rusher will show, and the Ravens show a strong bounce back performance, allowing fewer than 3 sacks.

Kendall Wright vs Jimmy Smith

The Tennessee Titan’s Kendall Wright only needs seven receptions to reach 200 career catches. If he accomplishes this feat on Sunday, he will be the first receiver in Titan’s history to reach this milestone in only 40 career games. If the Titan’s give the ball to their top playmaker, it will make things that much easier for Mettenburger.

Advantage- The Titans will design plays to give the ball to their top playmaker as quickly and often as possible. Kendall Wright will have his chances to make big plays and make Smith pay.

Edited by Will Lomas