Jake Nichols

Sports writer Jake Nichols has been a part of TNJN's staff since fall 2015. While in high school, Jake served as his school baseball team's P.A. announcer. He also worked as a student photographer at football games for his local newspaper, The Jackson Sun, and became an expert in the art of tripping on the sideline when he played high school football. Now a freshman at The University of Tennessee, he has a passion for all things SEC football and anything related to Tennessee athletics and is looking to pursue a career in sports journalism. He also enjoys reading John Grisham books and/or Clay Travis columns, and in his spare time he can often be found eating Raisin' Cane's chicken fingers, driving his Jeep, spending time with family members or sifting through the stacks of baseball caps that have accumulated on his dresser. For more on Jake, follow him on Twitter at @jnichols_2121.

Film Review: Josh Malone

Before he enters the NFL, here’s a review of Malone’s film from his time in Knoxville and why these traits could make or break a possible NFL career for one of Butch Jones’s most productive wideouts.