Tips to stay focused after break

Staff writer Kaitlyn Marlow shares tips to stay on-track for the rest of the semester

You come back to campus carefree and well rested after spring break. Then, you realize you have three papers due this week and an exam in 10 days. We only have six weeks until exams begin, so here are five tips to jumpstart your second semester comeback.

  1. Go to class

Waking up for an 8 a.m. class after break seems horrible, and few students want to sit in a 50+ minute lecture. However, class attendance often stands as the best way to raise grades and perform well on finals. Going to class also avoids attendance point penalties.

  1. Keep organized

By simply making a list of assignments or exams, nothing comes as a surprise (except for pop quizzes). Lists make preparation easy; never miss a small assignment or forget to study for a test again. Bullet journals, planners and calendars are all helpful tools. Phone reminder notifications may be a good way to stay on track and to stay off Twitter for a while.

  1. Go to tutoring/office hours

The Student Success Center offers tutoring appointments in multiple locations on campus. Appointments can be scheduled in GradesFirst, or find walk-in hours. Do not hesitate to attend office hours. Check your syllabi for designated hours or speak with your professor to set up an appointment. No one knows the coursework better than the professor.

  1. Sleep at night, not during the day

Use apps like SleepTime or Calm to stay on a real sleep schedule and cut back on napping. Getting a restful sleep helps to maintain focus and avoid snoozing in class.

  1. Get motivated by others

Chances are, others need motivation to study or do not quite understand class content. Reach out to a few people in class to study, ask questions or keep up with course content. Studying sometimes forges friendships as an added bonus.

The second half of any semester can be long and exhausting especially when you can see summer right there! Stay motivated and attack the next six weeks head on.

Featured Image from Wikimedia Commons