Open Chord hosts first Spins event featuring Glass Animal’s “How To Be A Human Being”

Atmosphere proved to be one of the more popular topics during Open Chord’s first hosting of a Spins event. Giveaways, music, drinks and more were objects of conversation as well.

The Open Chord venue typically hosts live performances, but they shook things up a bit with their first listening party featuring Glass Animal’s newest record, How To Be A Human Being.

Titled The Spins, this get together actually took place in multiple venues across the United States, with this being the first time Open Chord participated. It’s presented by Vinyl Me, Please, an online record club that delivers exclusive pressings of one vinyl record every month to its subscribers.

One of the largest things praised throughout the night, apart from Glass Animal’s album, was the atmosphere. Dim lights, pulsating music, a bustling bar and humming conversations filled the premises.

“It’s all about the atmosphere,” said Alec Cunningham, one of the event organizers.

The admiration for the atmosphere continued with the customers as Jay Adams, a New Hampshire-native that was just passing through Knoxville said, “It’s a fun environment. There’s a nice mixture of good drinks and great music.”

Since the event happens across multiple locations, the venues are encouraged to put their own spin on how things are handled. Open Chord did so by supplying a giveaway after the album was completed. Multiple t-shirts, vinyls and tickets to future Open Chord events were given away to patrons that purchased a drink or food from the bar.

While the vinyls are provided from Vinyl Me, Please, the tickets and t-shirts are all given away by Open Chord.

On top of that, there was a specific drink crafted for the occasion called “Pork Soda.” The drink is named after one of the more popular songs off of their album, How To Be A Human Being, and features tequila and pineapple juice as the main ingredients. Garnished on top is a jalapeno, with a red chile pepper rim.

Local band, Hazelperformed a full one hour set after the Glass Animals album concluded.

“It’s cool to listen at home, but it’s cooler to listen when you have people around that are also experiencing it for the first time or even hearing it for the tenth time,” said Cunningham.

The Spins at Open Chord is a monthly event that occurs on the second Thursday of every month. It’s open to all ages and free to attend.

Featured Image by Jay Malone

Edited by Kaitlin Flippo

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