TABC suspends Soccer Taco alcohol license

The Tennessee Alcohol and Beverage Commission (TABC) has suspended Soccer Taco’s alcohol license for 20 days.

Soccer Taco is a Mexican style restaurant located at 9 Market Square, suite 101. The restaurant was founded in 2005 on Bearden Hill and expanded to Market Square in 2009. The well-known restaurant has been awarded “Best Mexican restaurant” as well as “Best nachos and margaritas.”

Soccer Taco is charged with serving minors on two separate occasions. The first in Jan. 2013 and the second July 23, 2015. On both occasions the minors were carded, but still served.

Representatives from the local restaurant had appeared at the Beer Board meeting in hopes that the council would approve their late submission of a remedial plan and fee. The restaurant’s attorney, Arthur Seymour, said the reason for their late submission is that they were unaware of the dual filing process.

Seymour told the head of Knoxville’s Beer Board, city councilwoman Brenda Palmer, that their remedial plan is a “sound resolution to serving minors.” The plan states every customer buying an alcoholic beverage will be carded. Also, scanners will be installed at all cash registers.

Seymour told the board that the scanners will be installed later in September, but until then waiters and bartenders will scan IDs with a phone app.

TABC’s website states that licensed establishments are checked on a regular basis for compliance with laws regarding serving alcohol to minors.

The meeting adjourned with Palmer saying she hoped not to hear any alcohol related issues with the restaurant again.

“That is unless the scanner malfunctions!” Seymour said in return.

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